Repost, helicopters hijacked, closed bridges, 12 people needed to travel

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Repost, helicopters hijacked, closed bridges, 12 people needed to travel

Post by gordie1 on Mon Oct 04, 2010 11:51 pm

HI I had a very weird dream I just woke up. I dreamt I got on a bus to Edinburgh
it was a double decker and I was sitting downstairs and it was early evening, a
light sunny evening (in the natural something I never do as I am scared of
travelling on my own) we approach this bridge (forth road bridge) and it is
blocked by a tanker lying on its side but there is no other vehicles delayed. We
are told by the driver to get out and wait beside a docking station and that
there is a helicopter going to take off into Edinburgh but it needs twelve
people before it will take off, We are very high up above the bridge and a rope
ladder appears and we board this helicopter but there is not 12 of us only 4 and
the pilot is asian and he looks very dodgy glasses and a moustache he tells us
we must all hand over our passports everyone else is happy but I am not, I tried
to keep mine but he is angry saying do I not trust him> We take off and he
announces we were right not to trust him he says what if he was to fly this
helicopter into a building or a petrol station ( I immediately think of 9/11)
but he just laughs and we land safely in a BP petrol station next to Downing
Street suddenly several children appear on the scene and get out of the
helicopter and say shall we ring mum to say we are safe and i notice all this
rubbish in the helicopter sweet papers and juice cans.
I woke up feeling really anxious

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