Part manifestation: Seeing a half heart that was burned and dates on journal entries: 10-22

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Part manifestation: Seeing a half heart that was burned and dates on journal entries: 10-22

Post by redeeminglove on Sat Oct 02, 2010 12:33 pm

I dreamt I was sitting in class, and my teacher said something. I answered, "April Fools?" And she said not, it was not April Fools. (The date was actually October 1, not April 1) I then left and was in front of my house, I was sitting on the ground, in dirt and the double gate was opened outward (i normally open it inward because it is easier to open that way) and I was reading through some old journal entries in the middle of the of the gates. I came to an entry that said "10-22" and then I came to a half heart that had been folded in half to make, and rather than using scissors to cut it out, it was cut out using fire. Then a guy I used to care about came by and asked me something, I told him no and he drove away. <---- This, I think, is the guy burning my heart and driving away.
this part manifested that day--->My cousin came, and so did her 5 year old daughter. The 5 year old went to an event, and we needed to go and get her. I come up, and there are NUMEROUS cowboys on horses in an oval like circle. So many that there was at least 300. I found her daughter watching, and brought her back with me. Turns out that my cousin was going to a mounted shooting competition (I knew this, but had forgotten until I woke up and saw her getting the horses ready... this was the cowboys in the oval shape[the competition takes place in an oval arena]). I did not, however, know her daughter was coming until later that day (I went and saw her daughter with cowboys).
I guess I am confused. Asking the teacher if it is April fools, and her saying no is obviously telling me that this dream is not a joke, that it is the read deal. I don't know what 10-22 on a journal entry means (looked at facebook and looked at old journals, and have found no posts or entries for 10-22) So, seeing much of this dream manifest is confusing to me.
I can't see why I would dream this all... I can't see why I am sitting in dirt, with the gate open, looking at journal entries...
This is the second dream in less than a week that has manifested in the same day... ??
Any insight?
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