Two scary dreams in a row - getting shot

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Two scary dreams in a row - getting shot

Post by ahjavier on Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:11 am

Hello everyone. Please please please help me interpret my dreams. I didn't care so much about what I dreamed about two nights ago but I dreamed a similar one last night and now it's freaking me out. Please help.

The one from two nights ago I posted last night: Hi. I had a dream that a man got in my car (I was on the driver's side) and he pointed a gun at me and shot me twice. One somewhere I can't remember and another in the head (ear). The one in the ear, I actually looked at the barrel and that scared me....I didn't die. He left me for a while and I stayed in the car pretending to be dead. A girl got in my car talking to me but I kept telling her I couldn't move coz I was supposed to be dead. She left after a while. I could see people walking around far away from the car I was in. In the end, I found myself trying to drive my car....Any ideas?

Last night: Me and my kids (felt like a man was also in the car but I can't remember seeing him) were in the car, I was driving. I was looking around since we were stopped on a stop light. Right next to us I saw a black man that was behaving erratically like he had been on drugs. He had a bandanna around his neck that he kept putting on over his mouth and off again. He was moving to the music in his car. I even mentioned to my friend (that was there for that conversation and was gone) that he looked like he was on something. I started feeling very nervous, especially when I saw him holding a gun. My daughter was in teh front seat and my son in the back seat. I looked to my left and I saw 2 other young kids entering a bank or something and started shooting. I looked at the guy next to us and he shot at us. He shot my daughter in the leg, me in the knee and my son but didn't hit him. When all was done, I looked and all of us were alive still. He didn't shoot us with a real gun. It bruised my knee and made it real tender to touch. My daughter, a man (detective maybe) checked up on us and squeezed her leg and pus of some sort started coming out.

It's really scary. I've been getting hurt lately in my dreams and I don't know what to think of it.

Could it be that something could happen in my marriage that would hurt me (shot) and my kids but I'd get back up on my feet and my kids will be okay? I'm probably reaching but any ideas would help.

I am having marriage problems and my husband and I keep going back and forth about going or staying.

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