Traveling to a mansion

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Traveling to a mansion

Post by carolinedeborah on Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:59 am

I am so confused
by carolinedeborah on Wed Sep 22, 2010 1:56 am

Hi I am new here, hope I have posted this in the correct place.

I had this dream over 2 years ago. The dream has come to pass but I am confused now and am afraid that I interpreted it wrong and have made a wrong decision.

I am travelling in a car with some people, I don t know them. I am in the front seat but not driving. I know I am on my way to live in a big mansion but I don t want to go because I am going without my family. I am on a type of forest road not a tarred road; the road is bumpy and takes us over green grass and in-between trees. I wonder to myself “why are we traveling on this road and not a proper road?” the answer comes immediately, so that no-one will know where you are, you are going in secret. Someone in the car says “there is a circus there” Immediately I see the outline of a mansion and an outline of a circus next to it.

My dream changes to a different scene. I am standing next to a stream; there are some very deep areas and giant plants growing out of the stream. (I see them as giant grass but I have never seen grass like this) The grass is darkish green and looks more like leaves of fir trees than grass. I see on the other side of the stream a servant of the mansion; I feel that he/she has come to meet us. I wonder how this servant crossed the stream as he/she is walking on a path towards the mansion on the other side of the stream. As I am looking at the stream I see a woman standing next to me, she shows me where to cross and smiles at me. I walk across and am amazed at how easy it is, I feel the plants under my feet, they feel like velvet. When I reach the other side I look up and see the mansion in the distance, it is painted in brown and beige. I do not reach the mansion I only see it in the distance.

I would appreciate some help and advice.

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