monsters trying to get me

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monsters trying to get me

Post by awesomegod16 on Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:34 am

I dreamed about my childhood home where these monsters were trying to get me. I know, what you are thinking; classic monster scary dream right? well anyway, I was just getting out of the shower and everyone had gone out. I was home alone. There were these monsters that came to the house to try to get me. They were hideous creatures. They were as tall as the house because I could see them out of the second floor window. There were two of them. They were trying to get in and get me and put me in this holding place. I was rushing around to get clothes to put on to escape. I could see myself going to my dresser to get clothes. I was rushing around. The monsters were trying to break down the house to get in. I went outside through the back door and was running towards my neighbor's house. I was shouting for them to get away because these things were after me. I wanted them to help me. They started trying to escape too. I told them we had to get away and they were going and then a friend of mine was near the house and I told them that we had to go too and not to go home. The thing is, the neighbor's that I saw were my real neighbors in real life, but my house was my childhood home and I went out the back door instead of the front door. I don't know if that holds any significance.

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