Flower and a Very Old Car!

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Flower and a Very Old Car!

Post by nubava on Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:21 pm

I was on a street and it already night, walking back and forth. I saw the car of my friend Sam passing by and I knew he was going to come. So I was walking and waiting and suddenly he appeared behind me and I turned around and he was with flowers. But Sam looked like one of our classmates. But I knew for sure that it was Sam. So I told him that he scared me (as if I didn't know he was coming, kind of pretended) and we were talking.
Then the scene turned into some other place, there was this same mutual classmate (in this part of the dream not Sam) with another classmate (these two classmates are more Sam's friends and both of them are married). Both of them had flowers. The first classmate gave me the flowers, they were pinky-red roses and the second classmate had prepared the flowers for my sister but I told that my sister was not there any more, that they were late, she had already left and he gave me the flowers to me. IRL my sister and I do not live together anymore.
Then I saw a very-very old car and I thought that the doors were not closed and thought of my grandfather and grandmother and decided to lock the doors of the car properly. In front seat I saw Sam, he was trying to hide my laptop and my father was near the trunk and we was trying to put there couple of other things, including video camera. And I was running around making sure everything went right, etc.
During this time I saw my ex-boyfriend who looked older with beard, he also looked concerned and tired. He was holding a child and near him I saw his wife. But I passed by them we neither talked nor got into any kind of contact.
And I also remember during all this time my classmates were holding the flowers for me and waiting when I was going to finish.


I am not even trying to figure out who is who in this dream cause it's too complicated, the only thing I understand is that it is again about Sam and I lol!
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