Arrested for driving over a hedge

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Arrested for driving over a hedge

Post by Delightful soul on Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:21 pm

Hi guys,

Me again!

I just had a dream this morning and am wondering if it is God telling me to prophecy to people?


I was with my friend in her car and we stopped at a pretty little convenience store type place that had a hedge around the car park. My friend, instead of driving around the right way into the car park, tried to drive over the hedge and I said to her "you can't just drive over a hedge! that's not right!". Anyhow as we were driving away, a lady in the car next to us popped her head in the window of the car and said "I've called the police, you can't just drive over the hedge like that!!" and so I said to her "that's what I said!".
We then got out of the car to wait for the police and in the meantime, we walked into the convenience store and there was a young man who looked almost angelic, very serious though and looked very maliable. So I asked him for a piece of paper. My friend looked at me as if to say 'what are you doing?' and then i wrote a prophecy on the paper with a pencil they gave me. I said in the prophecy that the young man was very intelligent but also had a soft heart and that the Lord said that he needed to ensure he kept his heart soft. It was like a warning but also an encouragement.

I then went through the door and into another dream. It seemed as if from the convenience store, there was a portal to another world that was in sepia colour. Brad Pitt was in the dream as my husband and we were in this camp that an evil war lord had put us and hundreds of other people in. You could not show affection in the camp between spouses otherwise this evil warlord would find out and rape the woman. So I was worried that if I expressed affection to my husband, that we would be hurt. There were so many children and women and men living in an organised lifestyle in the camp, but it was a prison. It was as if we were in an apocalyptic time in history and all the world outside had been made desolate and we had been captured and sent to this prison and the whole government outside had been shut down by this warlord. It was really frightening. But in the prison I had the best husband in the land and we really loved each other but had to hide it.

End of dream/s.

I am wondering if the second part of the dream in sepia is about feeling as though I cannot express my love for Jesus openly. I was at the gym yesterday and was listening to my ipod and had praise music on and I soooo wanted to just sing out loud but couldn't cause it was a gym (lol) but I thought to myself "I am in this gym and can't sing for Jesus in here 'a' because it would disturb people and 'b' because most people would think I'm nuts! Sometimes I feel that I am afraid to be myself in society and really want to reach out to the lost but feel inhibited.

Hope you guys have something to add.

Delightful soul
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