boarding school terror

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boarding school terror

Post by Deborah on Fri Sep 24, 2010 10:52 am

Just before I woke up yesterday morning, I was dreaming about a boarding school that was being attacked by young militants. The boarding school was several stories high, at least six stories I'd say, the dormitories were on the top floors. Someone had warned the children the militants were coming, but the kids could not run outside and they were panicking, desperate to find a place to hide, knowing hiding was probably futile.

I'd say the children were preteens, the militants not much older. I didn't get a sense of the nationality of any of the children or their attackers, nor the nation where this occurred. I felt the sheer terror and hopelessness of the situation. I got a sense this was standard operating procedure for the militants, and I didn't see any adults anywhere.
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