He cuts my finger like he was waiting for a sign!!!!!

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He cuts my finger like he was waiting for a sign!!!!!

Post by Blue101 on Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:51 pm

I've been in prayer about the meaning of this dream. I will continue to pray..Just wanted some spirit led feedback..Thanks fam.

Im at the church, talking to some of the believers there about ministry. Then my Pastor selects people to come with him to view this house. I remember going. He was texting and calling the selected people to meet him there. I think I was in the car with him. We pull there and the people from the church was there. I recognized their faces. I remember the outside of the house looked like a regular size house, but the inside was shockenly large and spacious with many rooms. I remember taking a grant tour of the house alone while everyone was still in the livingrrom. I walked through the house alone because I was so fascinated with how large it was. I remember walking down a long hallway, into other rooms. I remember colors. There was like 2 parts to the house. It was a long house.

I was somewhere in the back when my Pastor called me. I came close to him. I told him my thoughts about the house, how its nice and spacous. Spacious enough to rent to other members if they needed a place to stay. He seemed to like that idea. For some reason I had revealed to him that I had missed him (in reality he's been flying out of town to preach at different churches). He pulled me closer and asked me to hold out my hand. I trusted him so I did. I saw him pull out a piece of glass and he slit my index finger. It was like he was waiting on a confirmation or something. When he saw the blood drip from my finger, it was like he knew I was the one for him. Then he held my hand, and we both walked toward the living room so that the members of the church could see that we were together.

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