Dream about a co-worker

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Dream about a co-worker

Post by SandraHampton on Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:17 pm

This is a dream I had about a co-worker I had a crush on, but he got married, so I suppose the co-worker is someone else. This is the dream: I dream I was looking for my shoes, I found one and I found the other. Then the dream switch to Michael and I running into each other in the hall-way where we work. I told someone, "We're just dancing". Mike and I were dancing and talking. The dream switch to Michael introducing me to a young girl, I bent down to greet her. After I said hello, she lifted a baby in a carrier and walked away. I introduced Michael to my family. I opened the door and said, "that's my sister Lin, but she was in her underwear(royal blue/lace). I closed the door quickly when I saw she wasn't properly dressed. Michael and I was happy,and holding each other at the end of the dream.
I had another dream about Michael the previous year. The dream was about Michael being frustated and sad because he hadn't seem me at work or something. Suddenly, we were standing outside near our cars in the parking lot, where we both work. Michael said, "I will wipe away your tears". We embraced each other and we both start to cry tears of joy. What is the interpretation of this dream? Anyone? Anyone?

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Re: Dream about a co-worker

Post by Mia Sherwood on Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:37 pm

This dream is about finding your mate. I'm not sure if it's gonig to be Michael or not but the shoes are a symbol for finding your mate. I don't have a specific interpretation any farther than that but the cars in the parking lot may be symbolic for meeting him at work. I would dare say that it seems quite lovely.


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