2 Bears, 3 to 4cubs and thick fog that a screaming wind doesn't blow away

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Are the Bat, Orca, bearand Screaming wind connecting dreams???

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2 Bears, 3 to 4cubs and thick fog that a screaming wind doesn't blow away

Post by Songs of Seashells on Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:15 am

I truly am seeking some wisdom and insight on this. After I submit this, I will be going to bed and asking the Lord to show me if the 4 dreams are related and if so, what do they mean. PLEASE pray for the Lord to reveal the answers so that I understand them this time. Thank you for helping share the load. Thank you!

I prayed silently before going to sleep last night and asked the Lord to reveal to me what my "VERY SHORT bat dream" AND my "LIVE ORCA sealed in bag struggles to breathe" dreams meant.

These are the two separate dreams I had the following morning:


My hub and I were following behind a wagon ( sorta like you'd see gypsies drive) filled w/ CHRISTIANS. We turned left into a building where I saw a mean BLACK AND WHITE, tall, very thin bear. It had fangs like a saber tooth tiger


and it was trying to get to me to kill me. I ran and it managed to still come after me. Just as I was very close to the black and white bear, another bear, brown, very plump and round with 2 cubs hanging on her and 1or 2 cubs walking beside her, SHE ACTED AS IF I WASN'T EVEN THERE!

restroom intermission


I was irritated w/ my hub for some reason and said I was going outside to exercise. I went out side where I saw that there was very thick fog and a horrible spin chilling screaming wind. I ran back into the house and was comforted to see my husband standing there.


I understand that if there WAS fog, that the wind would blow it away......... so THAT doesn't make good sense to me either.

Lord, please bless those you lead to help me unravel this, and bless those who are simply willing to read this post.
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