this behaviour is out of character..

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this behaviour is out of character..

Post by traveller on Wed Sep 22, 2010 9:08 pm


My husband's dream: He had a dream that in the dream he told me about another dream he'd had (dream in a dream) where he'd had sex with one of his female colleagues. And that he felt guilty and wanted to tell me. But in the dream, when he told me about his dream, I was quite calm and not upset as he'd thought I would have been. After that in the main dream he was in a house in the forest with his former boss, who was upset with him for having slept with his wife.

Well, knowing my husband, this is not him. Truly. So, I wonder what this is about?
I read somewhere here that if some behaviour in a dream is totally out of character for the person having the dream, it could be about someone else?? My husband has been having other (prophetic) dreams about other colleagues as well.
And yesterday, I had a dream about one of his male colleagues who was trying to seduce me up to three times but I didn't want to and walked away, and in the dream my husband knew about that.. When my husband told me his dream today I had to think about that straight away, but i don't want to jump to conclusions.

Godly insight appreciated.. Thanx:)
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