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NOTE: I was led to take a look at this dream yesterday. My intentions were to re-post it for an interpretation because I honestly didnít remember anyone replying to it. i dunno But when I retrieved it, I saw there WAS an interpretation given AND I responded to it. My spirit did something that I canít explain as I read the interpretation given. I saw the interpretation in a whole new light that really opened something up for me. I think God gave me a revelation about it. I donít think it was ďmeĒ. I honestly think it was God speaking to me through the interpretation in a way I didnít see it before. I also think I understand why this ďeye openerĒ didnít happen at the time the interpretation was given. I guess you can say Iím looking for confirmation OR correction concerning what I think God is saying. I am copying and pasting the dream and the interpretation that was given below. I have been thinking about the details of the dream I can remember so vividly. What sticks out to me is the texture and color of the entire cloth. This was the most beautiful color, texture and style cloth Iíve ever seen. Starting in the middle, the cloth is sheer (delicate-you know? Like you have to be really careful with how you handle it) is the lightest color green (a color I donít even think Iíve ever seen). Working outward, the color gets darker and darker (like just a shade at a time darker as it goes out). I would say maybe by the time it gets to an inch or two inches to the edge is where the layers of lace start. It is the darkest green and the lace is overlaying so much that its thick. Any insight would be most appreciated.

Hereís the dream...
My dream involves a unity cloth. The cloth is all green in color. It is a deep dark green color around the edges. The edges seem to be made of lace material that has many overlays that causes it to look thick. From the edges, inward, the material seems to be like sheer and the color green gets lighter and lighter. In the middle of the garment, it has 3 holes in it that seems to fit perfectly over the unity candles (like if you put it over the candles, it will rest easily at the bottom of the candle holders). I put a small tear in the cloth (on the left side). I tried to fix it but I couldn't. I tried everything and I still couldn't repair it. Finally, I held it up to the light to look at it and the tear was gone.

Hereís the interpretation...
Hello Virtuous! The first thing that I think of when you talk about a unity cloth and unity candles is a wedding. Marriage is definitely a union -- the most God-ordained union that we have here on earth with other people. The color green to me symbolizes life, growth, as grass is green and vegetation is green when it is new and growing. The dream seems to be showing some kind of a "tear" or "break" in a union you have had, that God is saying can be repaired by His Word (or the light). The Word of God is a lamp unto our feed and a light unto our pathway. (Psalm 119:105) There is nothing outside of the Word of God's ability to change, and renew, restore, heal, reform, make whole! The Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword--it can cut through anything! It is the healing balm. It is the Word of life and restoration. I believe God is telling you to take this broken union before Him and His Word and let Him repair it, because you are not able to do it on your own. In the context of the last dream I looked at for you, this could have to do with your ex, as it seems to symbolize a broken marriage union. Were the two of you ever married?

I think it's interesting that the cloth was so beautiful. God was showing you the potential here -- a growing, beautiful union, that simply needs to be repaired and restored. Even the unity candles to me are a representation of the Word of God. When you fit the cloth over the candles, it fits perfect. The Word of God is the thing that completes it, and makes it work -- makes it fit perfectly. I believe God is clearly saying take this before My Word and let Me fix it!

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