What a service

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What a service

Post by unaday* on Tue Sep 21, 2010 4:14 pm

I had a dream I was at my old church with my best friend. I found myself on stage like I preached. I laid hands on a lady from the church- on her forehead.
Then I found myself sitting in the front. They were trying to hold up the same lady as she was screaming and hollering…like in the spirit or something. My bestfriend and I then moved to the second row to be out of the way. Then close by in the front the pastor of my old church daughter (who is now married and moved away) was worshiping with her eyes closed- singing and worshipping. Then a pastor from another church- known for his praise and worship -came up to her. He pulled out a thing that looks like the paper roll that keeps paper towel together. As she opened her mouth in worship he put the thing in her mouth and blew into her.
She fell to the ground prostrate before the Lord- like she was receiving a double portion of the anointing. She was on her knees prostrate before the Lord. Then someone puts a
brown blanket over her- completely over her almost to shield or protect as she fell into deeper worship. You can see her eyes looking up to God underneath the sheet as she worshipped and worshipped.

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Re: What a service

Post by Peter Odhiambo on Thu Sep 23, 2010 4:59 pm

was it that the Lord was reminding you what you should be doing? preaching,woprshipping and flowing in his spirit. Kind of impartation going on in this great service.

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