Repost Being in Pakistan and getting pulled aside by police guard.

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Repost Being in Pakistan and getting pulled aside by police guard.

Post by steadygaze on Tue Sep 21, 2010 11:09 am

Hi and Blessings,

I must say that I have no clue why I would have a dream like this! afro


I was in Pakistan with a ministry and I went out to eat lunch by myself and a guard came to me and told me to get up out of my seat, so I got up and he hands me this plastic pee cup and says I want you to go home and and urinate in this cup and bring it back to me. I was like what! I knew he was going to test me for drugs or something.Then as I start to head home the guard smiles and says," Or would you like me to come and help you pee in your cup? " I looked at him and was like gross me out, and then shook my head no I knew better then to say anything to him. So I ran home as fast as I could nervous that if I did not do this thing as quick as I could then I would be dead or at least thrown in prison. So I get to the ministry house and I am nervous but for some reason I feel like well I am not going to do this pee in a cup thing but yet I am still nervous and my friend comes in and what is interesting is that my friend is someone I had seen on TV but in the dream she was like an angel of the Lord and I knew she was sent by the Lord to help me in Pakistan. Now IRL I have not watched TV for the last week. Anyway I tell her what is going on and she says," You better do what they say or you will die and so she grabs my hand and we run out the door, and I go oh no, I need to go back and get the pee cup and pee in it. So we head back to the house but I cannot find the cup, my friend says forget it lets go! So she grabs my hand and we take off running she says go in this place and pee in this glass and she pulls three glass bowls out and I decide to use a certain bowl, and I look around this empty house wondering why is the bathroom in the living room, then as I am going potty in the glass bowl a man walks out of another room surprised I am in his house going potty in glass. duh I hurry up and when I look up I see a porno playing on the TV with the Pakistan man standing in front of the TV and I run out the door. My friend grabs my hand and we start to run to the restaurant to give the police guard the urine.

I have to say this I did not watch TV in fact I turned it off all this week to spend time with my Beloved Jesus. I have no clue why in the world I would dream such a thing. All though I feel called to the Middle East and have been through the Middle East any insight would be great.
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