Reception Dream interpretation needed

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Reception Dream interpretation needed

Post by chasel27 on Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:28 pm

Last year in August I had alot of dreams surrounding a wedding theme during a whole week.

In one dream I had walked up some stairs in entered this room where my reception was and noticed that the colors that they had on the walls an draperies were Peach, blue, and Mauve and I noticed that they didn't have my wedding colors in the room. I just remember waking from the dream thinking that I had to put my own colors in the room.

This year when I started going to nursing school, the auditorium that I had one of my classes in was the same room that was in my dream. The auditorium had red curtains which explains the mauve in the dream and the ceiling and walls were painted peach and blue.

I was only able to attend class for one week this semester because I winded up not getting my scholarship.

I need help understanding the dream and what actually happened a year later when things have not really worked out for me being able to go to school this year.

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