Weird and large spider

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Weird and large spider

Post by slisar on Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:10 am

I was visiting my cousins. A large spider, brown in color with white spots, large round legs, and the feet were round and white on the bottom...all proportion to its body, would chase after me. I have psoriasis in real the dream the spider was trying to bite one of the places on the back of my leg. I would run from it and though I was scared, we all had a good laugh. At one point, someone was sitting next to me and I could only see from their elbow down. That person picked up the spider and the spider lay flat on its side in the persons hand. The person showed it to me as if to say ~see it won't hurt you~ then tossed it on me. However, all I saw was the hand with the spider coming towards me and right before the spider would have been on me, the dream went black.

Right after that dream, I had a 2nd dream about bugs. i dunno

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