Help with daughter's dream-Alice in Wonderland

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Help with daughter's dream-Alice in Wonderland

Post by 245068 on Sat Sep 18, 2010 9:13 pm

This is my daughter's dream. I think I may understand it, but would like to hear other thoughts. She is an avid dreamer like myself and son.

She calls it, Alice in Wonderland.

At movie theater with oldest brother and mom. Moved to some house, stayed in the room with brother. He had a blanket on the floor with the seven deadly sins or things not to do with sex, drugs and money. She remembers the word sex because it was a golden yellow. Brother kills somebody. Another guy who was her brother in place of her real brother (this is another brother) left earlier then came back. Older brother left then came back.
Ran to forest looking for a place and there were four passageways. The little girl she was with ran into the 3rd passageway ad came back then ran inti the 2nd one. The first passageway opened and a silouhettte of a thing from a cartoon show-dexter's laboratory appeared and a lot of purple smoke came from no where. Daughter looked to see if the girl came out of the 2nd passageway. Then daughter went into the first one with the purple fuzzy thing.
Scene changed to a place by the sea. It was really pretty. Boat rose out of the water after purple thing said, how'd you like to live in a boat.
They dove into the water under the boat and she asked, how Was she supposed to keep up because everybody was somehow being pulled by a ship. A white rope came out when she held her hand out.
Scene changed again and she was inside boat. Closet was filled with nice clothes. Boat setup was weird. A lot of her friends were there, someone like a princess, she had to use the bathroom and some discussion about a fingernail.

My daughter is 16, doesn't follow the crowd, born again, attends service weekly, studies her bible at home and fears the Lord.

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