wearing underwear in front of people

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wearing underwear in front of people

Post by MaMa on Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:51 am

my sister had three dreams last night. they all have the same theme about wearing underwear in front of people.
1. she saw me walking to see my best friend. (my friend is very down spiritually in real life now) i walked to my friend's place and knocked on the door. her house looked very old and bad in the dream. (but she is actually pretty wealthy in real life). she wore underwear (boxer brief) and felt shameful. my sister turned her head and looked at me and saw me wearing underwear as well (boxer brief). (she wasn't with me, she was more an observer from afar.
2. my sister and her husband were on a double deck bus (the ones you will find in London). they were all on the upper deck. even the driver was driving on the upper deck (usually the driver should be downstairs driving from the right side of the bus. but here in the dream, the driver was driving from the left side upper deck. her husband sitting on a very comfortable seat. my sister trying to find a seat. somehow there were other passengers sleeping naked on the seats. the driver got to ask someone to help my sister to find a seat and to take care of those naked passengers. (my sister felt strongly that those passengers have mental problems).
3. my sister was inside a big classroom with 100 some students. the teacher asked everyone single one of them to present something. but not in front of the class, she would walk to everyone student and ask them to present it just to her. my sister found herself wearing underwear (box brief) when the teacher came to her. my sister then told the teacher that she would need to put on a pair of pants first. my sister walked outside and saw herself actually was wearing a pair of pants already. but she thought she just put on one more pair. the second pair fit very well, even with the first pair on. she then walked back to the classroom. she saw there were a lot more people and her teacher asked her to present her project in front of all the people instead. everyone loved her presentation after she finished. thanks!

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