attending a conference then left hotel with just pyjama pants wrapped round me.

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attending a conference then left hotel with just pyjama pants wrapped round me.

Post by gburu on Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:41 pm

I had been praying to God that night for assistance on something i needed using prov 3:4
then i had this dream - i was at a conference and decided to go to the shops from my hotel. for some reason i went out with just my pj pants wrapped around me, leaving my keys and the wad of money in my hotel room. when i got near the shops i realised i was inappropriately dressed and looked for a shop where i could buy a top for the pj pants or something to wear with the hope of borrowing money from my collegue who went to the shops and then give it back when i get to the hotel.
when i found a shop where i could buy clothes i asked my collegue who had gone into another shop first for money to transport myself back to the hotel. when i realised her reluctance to do that, i knew there was no way i could ask for money for an outfit!
meanwhile someone i didn't know came up to me in the shop and gave me some pennies which couldn't get me home and i felt sorry for myself cos i realised he thot i was really desperate.

next night i prayed again using prov3:4 and this time i dreamed that i was being chasedd by robbers who didn't get me then i had spent the nite at the place i'd escaped to from the gang. i had gone to use their rest room and forgot my laptop bag there - when i remembered and went back for it, the laptop had been stolen but the money in the bag was still there.
i then entered a car (might be a taxi) that was to take me back to my apartment but when it got there, it drove right past it and broke the barriers into this river like and as we went thru it in the car it didn't sink it just continue to drive over the water.
i wasn't scared just planning how i'd escape at the other end. it was when i was planning the escape that i woke up.

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