life purpose getting water to run from old pump

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life purpose getting water to run from old pump

Post by pattileer on Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:46 am

This dream starts out as I am walking down a country road, I come to an old woman getting water from and old stone water well made in a circle with the bucket hanging down ., the scene is on my right hand side. I hear a voice is her purpose in life to get the water from the well...I walk a little farther down the road and I see again on my right side, an old fashioned hand water pump setting in a grassy area, I hear the voice say " It is your purpose to figure out a way or to get (Im not sure now which was said) the water to flow from the pipes out the pump...then the scene changes to the inside of a church, the pastor speaking is the pastor we had years ago, he begins talking like he has been telling this story of the women and the wells, and he says...this word is for someone here today..I am sitting at the back of the church, holding my hand up saying its me, its me...then I wake up...thank you for your time to intertupt my dream

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