Warning a friend of a friend.

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Warning a friend of a friend.

Post by steadygaze on Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:36 am

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I was at a friends house who I don't know in real life.. I was there at my friends house to warn her of a mutual friend. I struggled because I was not one who likes to do such things. I am not one to talk about other people but I was deeply concerned for this friend who was becoming friends with my old mutual friend. Anyway we sat on this brown couch talking and the room was lit up. As we were talking my old friend calls this friend I was with and I said, Lord I have to tell her to be careful of this friend she was talking on the phone with help me please. It was like I had to get guts to even talk to her about this old friend she was befriending. So finally I tell my friend that my old friend whom she was friends with is, manipulative and controlling, and does not respect boundaries and that she needs to be careful of her. I tell my friend examples of what happened to me with this friend. So after we were done talking my friend had to take care of her laundry and was some where in the house and the ash tray from the car ends up in this bathroom and my old friend kept putting quarters in it. It was like she would put quarters in it and it would literally and directly come down the pike into the ash tray at my friends house. This is what my old friend would do she would send me quarters directly my car ashtray that would some how lead directly to my house as soon as she would put the quarter in it. Anyway I tried to gather all these quarters and put them in this huge glass jar with out my friend in the house seeing it I did not want it to upset her or something and I could have used the money anyway. Well then after my friend was doing the laundry she came into the bathroom where I was and I tried to stand in the way of the jar so she could not see it. Then another quarter came down the pike again and I tried to grab it to put it in the jar without her knowing it but she saw the jar and told me to move away from it. I explained to her my old friend use to send me money too down the the pike into my ashtray and that I just wanted to protect her from the obligation or something.

Any insight would be great!
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