Tree with plenty of fruit crashing down & trains in opposite directions.

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Tree with plenty of fruit crashing down & trains in opposite directions.

Post by xaggle on Fri Sep 10, 2010 12:58 pm

ABOUT ME: I am a 28 years old happily married man.
Below are two of my dreams that i saw in the same night (maybe early morning)

1) I was in the town where i spent my entire teen years (i don't live there now but visited few weeks back).I was going towards a river & my parents were following me.there was a tree at the cemented elevated bank of a river.It was daytime and the river was not dirty.[unlike this dream 80%-90% are in a evening or night setting] It was an amla tree (Indian Gooseberry, a sour fruit good for health and used for pickles).The tree was green and full of fruit.
Fruit+ tree can look as in this picture -->

Very close to the tree,on the cemented area (next to river bank)i think i saw my younger sister sitting (maybe with her fiance').I touched/held or slightly pushed a big branch of the tree and the tree came crashing in.when it was falling i could tell the something has happened earlier that made this tree weak and so very fragile.the tree fell on my mom and dad but it didn't touch my mom and dad at all.I found my parents standing in between the gaps between the branches.They were not unhappy or shocked.
Illustration :

BACKGROUND : My parents are Hindus,me and my sister (only sibling) are the first & only believers in our entire extended family.

2) I have a backpack and i arrived at a railway station(most common mode of transport in my country).I saw my train standing on the platform so i turned to a shop to buy snacks+water. After a few minutes i see the end of the train as it has left the station and there's no way i can catch it.Some time later i see myself in another train going in the opposite direction than the train that i was supposed to board.i wasn't very easy on this new opposite direction train and it was like a compromise.

BACKGROUND : Recently i have made a career choice by not choosing masters degree course in computer science (i am quite interested in the subject still) and joining masters degree in social work (my heart cries for the poor and want a career in helping the poor).

Please help me understand my dreams.
3)Also almost all [90%] of my dreams are in a dark settings as if its evening and there's always something left undone or to be done.What does that mean.

My God bless you and keep you.
In Christ,

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Re: Tree with plenty of fruit crashing down & trains in opposite directions.

Post by owen on Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:00 pm

Hi Nitin,

This is what I believe of what your dreams mean. Please remember, if it does not speak to your heart or confirms about your life, you must disregard what I wrote here because seeking the Lord Himself personally is the perfect way to be in the center of His will.

1. The river represents the presence of God (in the book of revelation, it says about the river of GOD). I believe when you were in your teen years you have involved yourself in the work of GOD, and during those times you have been trying to win your parents to Christ. The tree speaks of you(Psalms I), your spiriual life in the past and future. When you served the LORD before, you were bearing much fruit, and you had a healthy spiritual life. You had encountered many difficult situations but since you were in the river, He supplied all your needs. Now here is some kind of warning, First I have to tell you that the presence of God didnt leave you, He said, He will never leave you nor forasake you. Somehow your spiritual life is getting weaker, you must avoid from crashing like the tree which lost its nutrients and essence. Do not loose your focus on Him, He is all your Source. I believe you have been busy for so long, but it is not yet too late before the tree will crash down. The fact that you saw your parents following you, sooner they will also drink in the river of life.

2. Follow the desire of your heart. Psalms 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desire of your heart. There is no such thing as coincidence if we seek the Lord with all of our hearts. I believe God has called you to be involved in His work. I also believe He has spoken this to you before. All I know is that when He calls us there's always something left undone or to be done , just like what you have said.

Pray and seek Him. He will show you the way because He is faithful.

In Christ,

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