Two Short Dreams: Sister-in-Law/Water and a Young Teen Male

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Two Short Dreams: Sister-in-Law/Water and a Young Teen Male

Post by notmyname on Fri Oct 17, 2008 8:01 am

Can you please assist me with interpreting this two short dreams?

Key things that I remember about things dreamed last night/early morning are as follows:
Scene 1

I was sitting at my sis-n-laws house and it seemed as if we were there for dinner are something. However, I remember seeing her in the kitchen preparing food or something, then I didn't see her in there anymore. I saw a glass of water on the counter, and as I observed it. For some reason, I went over there to it, I suppose to help her out with it. When I got there, I picked it up and it was cold (it seemed as if it was in the freezer and is now melting), and it somewhat wasted on my hand and some on the counter. It had a lid on it, and the lid was somewhat loose. (That's why it spilled).

Then I saw myself opening up her refrigerator, and seeing jugs of water (sideways) in the refrigerator (lots of jugs). As I was observing the water (inside I was wondering like - why is there just water in there and not any food), then as I was pondering that I saw some uncooked chicken/turkey or some kind of poultry seasoned and in a pan. It was underneath all of the water.

Now, it seemed that I was sitting down again, and saw a can opener with a big jar of something underneath the can opener. No one was there with the can opener, so I was wondering and looking around like where is my sister-in-law's husband and why don't he open it. Also, I looked at my mother-n-law who I then saw sitting on the other couch from me, and wondering why someone just don't take the jar (run some water on it, pat the bottom of the jar, turn it over, turn the lid until you hear it pop - WHALA - it's open - an old fashion trick I learned from somebody long ago). It was like the jar was under the can opener, and the can opener was trying to work but it kept stalling. Anyway, I remember just sitting there thinking that was I was looking at it. (One key point in the dream, no one was saying anything).

Scene 2

I was standing in at a front door (it seemed to be night time). The door was open and I saw this young male (15-17 yrs old) standing in the door way, and his dad was standing on the right beside him. The scene started out with the young male talking to me and his dad (he was looking at me though, but I know that he was just sharing things with the both of us listening). He was talking about quite a few things, but I don't remember them all. It seemed to be that he was talking about how certain things were or was an issue and the reasonings for him to not do something or was getting in the way of him doing something. I can't remember all of it, but it seems as if he mentioned something about his knees or something regarding his legs (but that didn't seem major to me in the dream), and then something about his lungs (and that one caught my attention the most). As I was listening to him, for some reason his face caught my attention more closely, and closely, so much that I then realized that this was my son (in the natural). Now, when I finally realized that I than started observing him more intently and he than started stretching his arms out and turned sideways. I remember thinking, "Wow, look at my son, he has a nice physique, look at those arms, nice facial profile, etc". Dream faded!

Key points about these dreams: I know that both scenes have nothing to do with one another. In the natural, regarding Scene 2, my son is actually 7 months old. Now, my questions are "Does this mean that something is physically wrong with my son's lungs now, or maybe in the future in the natural or does this mean something spiritually that God is sharing with me"? "Does this mean that I will not be alive possibly when my son is a teenager, because I was standing outside of the door - why was I not inside with him and my hubby - his dad"? Either way, my hubby and I will pray and cover my son's body - especially his lungs - and cover them with the BLOOD OF JESUS! Is this dream totally a symbolic dream? What are you thoughts?

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