Parents Fussing

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Parents Fussing

Post by lovelywomanofvirtue on Fri Oct 17, 2008 7:14 am

Hey all,
Its been awhile for me, i havent had a dream in awhile! Anyway, last night after some meditation and some reading of the word, i went to sleep, and I expected God to give me a dream. About a month or so (maybe longer) ago, I had a dream where my parents were fussing, and I intervened, and was really upset, yelling, etc. Eventually i got kicked out the house...anyway, this time, my parents were fussing, and the word divorce came up somehow. I may have said something like ya'll are acting like ya'll are getting a divorce or something...and my dad says, he was in the kitchen eating something, it ain't like i haven't thought about it. Then I looked at ma, and she looked at me, and her eyes started welling up. And they started fussing again, and this time i said in a firm yet calm voice...ya'll need to get yourselves together, don't you see you have a child standing here, and how ya'll are acting its affecting her....they actually stopped and listened to me this time....i remember when my sister was younger, she said that she thought that they were gonna get a divorce......this was while she was little. What i am amazed by is my reaction, firm yet calm, and the fact that they listened....any insight?

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Re: Parents Fussing

Post by Dove-Solutions on Sat Nov 01, 2008 7:25 am

Yes you are coming against the enemy attacking and taking authority over the situation in Jesus name!

Love in Christ,

Connie praying

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