hello! How awesome!

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hello! How awesome!

Post by Cassie on Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:45 am

Hello. I'm new to the forrum, and have posted a dream. I went searching online today for some Biblical help interpreting a dream. I want very much to learn more about the prophetic and dream interpretation. I have some background and and personal experience and a supportive church, but not much opportunity to grow. I firmly believe prophets are to train up new prophets and am excited to find this group. I read about the accuracy test, and I'd like to take it. Where do you find it?

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Re: hello! How awesome!

Post by lola21st on Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:27 am

Praise the Lord, Cassie! Welcome to the site! flower

The accuracy test is actually being redesigned so there isn't one that currently exists. What I would recommend to you is that if you feel led to leave an interpretation or your thoughts regarding a dream that you indicate that you're a new member and/or that you're new to dream interpretation. That way a dreamer can receive your interpretation/thoughts within that context.

I would also suggest that if you haven't already done so, please take some time to read Mia's teachings regarding dream interpretation so that you understand the principles behind dream interpretation and also how this ministry may be different in it's approach to dream interpretation from other prophetic ministries. Also, review the dreams that have been posted and interpreted, especially those that have manifested as well as the forum rules and regulations. It sounds like a lot but it's fast and engaging reading. thumbs

Anyway, I pray that you'll be blessed here!
Bless You

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