MANIFESTATION: from my segmented dream

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MANIFESTATION: from my segmented dream

Post by musicalstars2001 on Tue Aug 31, 2010 2:15 pm

A couple weeks ago I posted a dream that came in 3 segments. The 3rd segment of my dream actually manifested. The dream is below.

Segment 3: I'm in a room with a couple other people and I remember feeling a little scared because there was a person or 2 that told us to stay in the room and that we couldn't leave. As I'm walking around, the door opens and a bunch of people walk in. I notice a friend, (I just met him 2 months ago. His name is Justin.) in the crowd right away. The only other person I can partly see is a girl that he's talking to, as he's walking in. But, I don't know what the relationship there is. I try to hide from him and I get a little nervous and I'm hoping that he doesn't see me. I can't see who anyone else is. Then everyone is standing, and starts to stretch their right arm out, back and forth, some slow and some fast. I asked someone why they were doing that, and one said, for stretching. So I join, still not really understanding. As I do, there is someone behind me, who I can't see the face, and his left arm is around my waist. I do notice that a couple rows behind me is Justin.

The meaning:

The scripture where Jesus tells the disciples to stay in that city because He wants them to receive the Holy Spirit, is the basis for this dream.
The 2 people that told us to stay in the room, those were angels telling us to stay in the room. (I say this because I had the opportunity to go home a day earlier and would've missed out on this.) The other person was actually my roommate in real life. (this gathering was being hosted at our house).
All the people that came in, I know that some of them were our friends that came to our house, and I'm sure some in the dream represented angels as well.
There was a point in our meeting when all of us were standing, and were in a semi-cirlce shape, and the minister spoke over all of us that we were all going to move up higher in our relationship/walk with God. (the stretching in the dream)
My friend Justin, did not come to the meeting because he lives on the other side of the states. This small part in the dream, where God showed me that he was 2 rows behind me, this was God showing me where things stood with me and Justin. In previous dreams he was farther away, but now God has been showing me that things are getting closer. (he is a possibility that God has brought into my life as a future husband.) happy dance

If you're wondering, I did receive 2 important things, one of which did have something to do with my friendship with Justin.

I hope this makes some sense to those of you who are practicing in this gift of interpretation. God is amazing, in everything, and I am very thankful that He speaks to us through dreams. (a picture is worth 1,000 words) wink

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