Three dream one, zombies, banks

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Three dream one, zombies, banks

Post by jjp708 on Wed Aug 25, 2010 6:00 pm

Ok, I had several dreams last night. I've never had this happen to me before (I don't think)

The first dream

A woman called me on the phone and started rattling off my start date to a new job. She was giving me the address to the place and who I was to report to. I remember writing the information down but I was thinking "who is this woman and I don't remember applying for this position). Then I asked her how much was the salary and she said $8.58. I said "oh no, I can't possibly take a job for that amount of money". She thanked me then told me that she would call the supervisor and tell him I declined the position.

IRL - I am looking for another job.

Second dream

I was walking (or driving, can't remember) through this very affluent neighborhood. I ended up at a high school. When I went in the school was full of zombies. They were chasing all the students and eating them. I remember running into the ladies room with a few zombies hot on my trail. After I managed to lock myself in I heard a big explosion. It killed the zombies. Me and a few other students manged to get out of the school and we headed out of the (the best way I can describe it was like a subdivision).

Third dream

I was part of a massive hiring pool at a bank. They hired about 70 or 80 and had us all sitting in a room. There was tables of 4 spreaded out across the room. There was 1 person at each table that was hired as a supervisor. I was the supervisor at my table. We sat there waiting on "someone" to come in and train us. At one point I went into the bank part where the tellers are and the people behind the teller windows got really nervous (equivalent to when an executive walks in and you try to be on your best behavior).

I don't know what ANY of this means. Maybe my mind was just racing with thoughts?

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