Turmoil and unanswered questions in Iraq. (Part 3)

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Turmoil and unanswered questions in Iraq. (Part 3)

Post by BDOC_SPC on Tue Aug 24, 2010 6:50 pm


As I stated before, I tried to leave the unit before. I was blocked every time by CW3 Tim. I then deployed with the unit to Iraq in OIF 9/OND 1. All the problems from Garrison followed and the spiritual warfare intensified greatly. At every turn CW3 Tim tried to undermine everything I was doing. He tried to get take United States Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) action against me. The first one was dropped quickly because someone from the National level got involved. The second got dropped because an NCO stepped in the way. At this point I was ready to openly fight him in a military tribunal. I knew I was going to win, but it got dropped. The third one I got was for an integrity check. I was told that I lied, even thought the proof said otherwise. I had five sworn statements from people stating otherwise. I was told that if I attached them, I was face UCMJ action because the person felt my statement and my rebuttal said two different things, even though they didn't. I bit my tongue and kept it.

We had a sensing session for our unit. Everyone expressed their concerns to the chaplain. Our shop was told we needed another sensing session. This time, it wasn't with a chaplain. It was with the Division EO representative. Everyone from the junior enlisted to the NCO's to the Officer expressed concerns. Someone brought up the training exercise against CW3 Tim. There was a 15-6 that was done on our section. He was then removed from our shop. Major Griffin (the Officer in Charge or OIC) then has a meltdown. I had to write a sworn statement about what I observed at the exercise. The Major then saw the sworn statements. Remember how I was not drunk? Well I had the most details in mine about what happened. I became her primary target.

I am sorry if this is long and drawn out. I promise this is all for a reason.

During this deployment I had the following dreams;


Dream 1.) I was somewhere with my NCO, SFC H. He gave told me that I needed to try harder on my pt test. I then turned and looked at him and said that I tried my hardest on the test. He then told me not to get so defensive and that this was how he interacted with everyone. The dream shifted and I was sleeping out in the middle of a field. I woke up and said I am late. So I ran to where my NCO was to check in. He then told me that everyone said I was late so he would take UCMJ action for being late. I was then sad and upset, but when I looked at my watch, it was only 1201. So I was running after my NCO to tell him I wasn’t late.

Dream 2.) The setting of the dream is dark and misty. I got an email from my NCOIC or platoon sergeant. In it I had to report back to Iraq on the 20 May, one week earlier than expected. Someone in the company wasn’t going to have enough time for their leave so they cut mine short. I was so angry and I was going somewhere. I knocked on this house door and Daniel opened the door. He was happy to see me and very shocked at the same time. I had to cut it short and asked for you. You came and greeted me. I told you everything. You said that they couldn't do that. I said yeah and that the LNO SFC B agreed that they could not do that. So we walked outside and there was a road. Then you told me that the spirit walks this road and he could help me. You said that he even makes spirits like Harry Potter bow before him. Then you said the Holy Spirit, but then an old man with gray hair and a gray mustache, pulling a donkey and a cart came onto the road. I saw you then bow down. He came and stopped in front of me. He didn’t say anything to me. He just looked me in the eye. I looked back still standing. I then bowed down. He then touched me on the shoulder and walked by me. He touched you and he walked underneath a bridge and left. You then asked me what he did. I told you. As you talked I saw three images. Don’t know what they were, but one was of something getting repaired, something getting healed, and something getting restored. Then you said that the spirit came to restore and give hope. Then you said He will do something about my situation. I then said yeah and that I had given the issue to The Lord.

Dream 3.) I had just come back from R&R and I walked back into the office, and no one was in there. I looked around and saw no one. Not the bosses, not my first line supervisor, not the soldiers, no one. SGT P was in civilian clothing. I asked her where everyone was. She told me that no has been in the office since I left on R&R. I then said to P, "SFC A said that there would be big changes, but I didn't think that he meant that there would be no more working. Then I woke up and it was 0615. Said crap and went back to sleep

Dream 4.) The second part of the dream, I walked back into the office after R&R and everyone was in there. Everyone was still in the same old miserable mood. In fact, it seemed to be worse than ever. I was approached by SPC M, one of my teammates who told me that CW3 Tim was making everyone sign a contract. I think the contract had to do with working for him permanently and giving him our loyalty or something like that. I looked at him and said I'm not signing that contract. He then told me that it was mandatory sign the contract and that I must sign it. I said, "oh really, watch me not." So I went to the document looked at it, put the date, put I do not agree, didn't sign it and walked away from the document.

Dream 5.) I was standing facing a female opponent in a sword fight. There was a crowd gathered around as they watched us duel. As we fought, it was clear that she was out matched. I swung my sword a couple of times, but I was mostly blocking and dodging her attacks. Then I made one powerful attack, which she blocked. Then I said, something like, you know, I can mount you or get on top of you if I really wanted to. She then said, someone already has tried that. Then we both just looked at each other. Then she ran and I ran after her. She jumped down a latter me still following. She ran to down and to the side of where we were fighting at to a grassy area. She fell down there and I right beside her. We just lay there. Then I looked over her to see if she still had her weapon. She did and I still had mines. Then we just lay there

Dream 6.) I was in this room with what appeared to be some Army personnel. No one that I knew. We were watching what looked like the super bowl. I didn't really want to be around them...AT ALL!. So when they sat I got up and went off by myself. I was in an area and I watched the program by myself. I then decided to go back. When I went back, someone asked where I was. I told them that I was just around. Then I sat back down again. Still not wanting to be there I got up and left again. Then the dream shifted and I was outside looking for someone. I was in a complete warzone in what looked like a city that had been heavily bombed. I was looking for someone. There was a group of people who came up. They looked ragged, but I knew that we were looking for the same people. It was around two or three black guys with long beards and a white guy who also had a long beard. I thought to myself, they are going to know that I am conventional by the weapon I have. I asked them if I could join them and the white guy said sure. We set out to find this group of people. We then asked a child from nearby if they had seen these people. The child said that they should be on the other side of that berm which he pointed out to us. We then saw another person on a bike, who appeared to be a teenager. The guy said this looks like our people. So we then open fired on the berm. I think we killed the kid on the bike, but some other people came from the other side of the berm. We were just firing regular M9's, but then someone on the other side of the berm had an Automatic weapon. We were out gunned. I was also out in the open. I could see and hear the rounds impact all around me, but not one hit me. However the other guy had been shot multiple times. I then grabbed him and started to evacuate the area. As we were walking he said something that I can't remember. He gave me a weapon. It was a scooped weapon. We then got back to the beginning and I called for a medic to help the guy. I then started to give him aid then I woke up.

Dream 7.) I just had this dream...in it I was on a plane with the rest of my unit and our plane had been high jacked! Everyone was scared on the plane. Uncertainty was there and death was certain. I sat on the floor...just sitting there. I then thought to myself, "I need to make peace with The Lord." I then thought about The Lord and said, "Oh it is well with my soul!" I sat there and began to hum a hymn Grandma used to hymn when I was a child. Then I heard the Jets to the engine to make this weird sound and the plane began to descend very fast. Everyone on the plane was thrown everywhere. I was thrown from one side of the plane to the other. I hit my head and had a white out (or black out but everything went white). I woke up and the plane had landed. Everyone from my unit was getting off the plane. Everyone was being greeted and told to go here and go there. Someone was shouting out numbers and who gets what number. I got a 1 and some other number. Some off to the side said, "BDOC didn't get a 30 too? Oh he definitely deserved a 30 for all his work?" I then asked for a 1 and pointed to my combat shoulder and the person nodded. I then got to a section where my section was. There were table and packets on them. As I walked I saw people I recognized and people I didn't. I walked over my packet and one of the people in my section said, "Your packet is over here crazy!" I went over there and he handed me some stickers with the number 10 on them. So I took it and woke up.

Dream 8.) I was going to church in West Seattle. I tried to sneak in and sit in the back without disturbing anyone or anything. There were people I didn't recognize and people I did. Someone turned around and realized I was back. They all looked at me and welcomed me back. They asked me that question...so how was it? In the dream I felt kind of annoyed by the question, but understood why they asked. I told them it was what it was. They asked me how I was doing. I told them...the same. It seemed like I was indifferent in the dream. But I was glad to be back.

Dream 9.) I was in uniform and was in the middle of making a decision. It seemed like I had been a First Lieutenant for a while in the dream and was a couple years from making Captain. I was trying to decide if I wanted to get out of the Army or if I wanted to stay in and try to make Captain. I was really weighing my options in this dream. Then I woke up undecided in the dream.

Dream 10.) I was back at my old house playing dominion’s with some people. I then looked up and saw one of the guys who I work with I then said, "Dahl or should I say David!" He had become and officer. He was a 1LT like me. We sat down and talked for a while. In the real world he was getting out the Army, but in the dream he was an officer. So I asked him why he stayed in the Army. We just talked. I then walked back behind a bar that we have in the basement of our house. I saw my OIC Maj Griffin and CW3 Tim sitting down there. I was there to replace them. I asked them if everything was set up for me to work. They both told me yes. In the dream, I felt like Major Griffin was upset I was replacing her as the head. It also felt like CW3 Tim was bitter towards me. When they left. they did not set up anything for me. They lied. They tried to set me up for failure.

Dream 11.) I had just gotten back from somewhere. I was driven by Dahl I had some clothes, a bath towel and soap in the car. I took them with me. I walked into our office, only it wasn't our office building, it was church. I then sat down in the back of the church. This beautiful young woman was on the key boards on the altar. She then said with an accent, "I'm a little bit nervous I have never done this before." I then thought, "Jesus!" She led praise and worship. After praise and worship was done, I saw someone belongings was right next to mine. I was praying and asking God, almost pleading, "Oh God I hope this isn't her stuff." She then came off the Alter and sat right next to me. I was so embarrassed. I had not taken a shower. I could smell myself outside of me. I was really embarrassed. We then opened our bibles. I had mine, but she didn't have hers. I notice she was looking at me to see if she could look on with me...but I refused to look back or even acknowledge he. I was so embarrassed. I then decided I needed to take a shower. So I got up, left, went to the front of the church while the pastor was ministering, went on the back of the Altar to a back room and took a shower. After I got done, left shower and got lost. I ended up in a different part of the church in the back. I then tried to go back to the front, but couldn't find my way back. So I sat in the back and listened to the word. ***Side Note***She was beautiful...for something that wasn't real

Dream 12.) I was standing in line with what looked like the rest of my unit. We were all waiting to get something. I got some pop, ice cream and something else. Don't remember. I looked back and saw a bunch of people getting rewards. They varied between people. I saw a person get a blue sache like they get in beauty pageants. As I walked away, someone was singing a song or there was a song that was being played. It moved everyone to tears including myself. Then the Chaplain got on the mic and stared to talk. I wasn't really paying attention until he said something to the effect of;...and BDOC girlfriend is waiting for him outside...I then looked up real fast. Everyone did. Everyone was looking around and asking the something I was asking myself, "BDOC has a girlfriend?" The room went from a relaxed atmosphere to a big question mark. I then went to sit down and saw Cory Washington from my old youth group with some other people. He asked me when I got a girlfriend. I just rolled with it and said yeah I have one. He then asked me what see looked like, where she lived, and how see looked in a Army uniform. I told him I didn't know. He then asked me if I was sure if I had a girlfriend since I wasn't able to tell him anything about her. I just shrugged my shoulders and moved on.

Dream 13.) In this dream, some random people and I were partying, grilling and having a good time. We were playing in the water. There was a barrier in the water telling us not to cross a certain area. I was on a jet ski. I came near the barrier, but I never crossed the barrier. The Jet Ski then ran out of gas. Someone brought a jerry rigged jet ski. I then took it for a spin. I got near the barrier again never crossing it and the Jet Ski fell apart. Although I was on the side that was deemed safe, the force on the other side of the barrier was trying to drag me under. The only way I didn't get dragged under immediately was because I was holding on to a pole that was sticking out the water near the deck. I screamed for help. Everyone was partying still. They heard me stopped and tried to help me. Someone tried to give me a hand. I took it still holding on to the pole. The force that was dragging me under was so strong that it almost dragged the guy under with me. They gave got a wooden pole, extended it to me, but it could not reach me. One of the guys then said, "Dude I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do for you." I was about to cry. The force of the water was tugging at me and trying to drag me under. I was about to give up. I then cried out to The Lord Jesus for help. In the middle of the water a fence appeared. I don't know how I was able to make it to the fence, but I made it over there. As I was climbing the wooden fence in the water that appeared out of nowhere, the water was sticking to my leg, refusing to let me go. I then tugged and it released me. Then a rope appeared out of nowhere. I took the rope swung from the fence skimming the water and made it back to the deck safe and sound.

Dream 14.) I had what seemed like a dream...I was in a semi sleep semi awaken state. My roommate left the room and left the light on. I then felt like something was moving on the wall. I then began rebuking whatever spirit was in my room. I then could not talk or move I then was thrown against my wall locker. I kept my mind focused on The Lord. The spirit then lifted. I woke up...or did I? I'm not sure about this one. My roommate was there when I woke up...but strangely enough, he did leave as well. Oh well...wish I could say that this is the only time this has happened, but this has been ongoing since I was young. I know the drill. Keep my mind on Christ.

Dream 15.) In this dream, some person and I were in this house. It looked like grandpa's house...but I'm not exactly sure. When we went inside, there were my job materials in there. It was our work stations from work...all of them. A fire got started in the building inside. Instead of putting out the fire, we let the fire continue to burn. In fact, we helped the fire out. I told the person not to put out the fire and let everything burn down. I said this would be better for everyone. I closed all the shades and let everything burn. We both walked outside and I told the person I would be back. I then left somewhere for a second and came back to the house. I walked in the house and someone put the flames out. I asked who put the fire out and out walked the Chief Tim, (the guy who always gives me trouble). I knew at that point I was in deep trouble, and then I woke up.

Dream 16.) I was back at work and the phone rang. I answered the phone and someone asked me if we had a certain type of asset. I told the person that we didn't have it and that they should try to talk to Corp about it. The person thanked me and they hung up. Then the two bosses looked at me and asked who it was that called. I told them some person asking about an asset. They didn't believe me and ran to the phone to call the person back. I then saw the NCO who normally deals with those types of questions standing before me. I told him what happened and how they didn't believe me. He told me not to worry about it and that I did a good job handling the situation. The dream then shifted slightly and I was in the back room of our job called the POC. When I was there, I saw some people I recognized from different areas of my life. Some from the army and from high school and others further back. I saw that they all had surpassed me in rank. Some of them were specialist (SPC or E-4) and others Sergeant (SGT or E-5). One of the guys I saw was a guy named Josh Garcia, who is someone I knew way back from 6th grade. I greeted him and said, "Wow when did you hit your 5? (E-5). He said not that long ago. He then looked at my rank and said, when do you hit your 4? I told him I had already had it, but I was waiting to get pinned on (which in real life I am waiting to get pinned on to my 4. I then saw that he had a deployment patch. I asked him when he deployed. He told me he did it with a Special Ops (SOP's) Unit. I then saw something that caught my eye. I saw a SPC walking around with a golden rank on their chest. I think a saw about two or three of them. I then stopped one of them and asked one of them how they got a golden SPC rank on their chest. They told me they deployed with a SOP's unit. That’s how he got it.

Dream 17.) I had lost my car and was looking for it. I was offered a ride in a car with these three Navy guys I met down in Qatar. They were upset about something that the military had done and were talking about. I didn't care, all I wanted to do was look for my car. We passed this gas station and I clicked on my alarm button, I heard my car beep and I told them to drop me off here because I heard my car. They let me out and I thanked them. They drove off. My car was parked at a gas pump. What surprised me was that my car door was ajar with the door hitting pole (which I have done before at a gas pump lol) with a bike and a trailer attached to my car. Now the thing about my car was that it was a convertible. Same color as my car, but it was decked out. Anyway, I went inside the quick mart that was next to the gas station, which turned out to be more like a Macy’s on the inside. The lady inside the dream was a woman named Gloria works at my high school. She told me she had a newlywed couple shopping in her store. Then she said, hey BDOC it’s you!? How have you been? I told her I was doing well. She then began to tell me about her son I think (who is also in the Army). She told me how he went to a school called East Mississippi Delta and how he dealt with some racism at the school. He couldn't go back to the school so he joined the Army. She told me how he said it was the best thing that had could have ever happened to him and how now he is back in school and working in the Army. She told me that they were expecting twins. I think she said daughters. I then looked over and saw two females walk together. Before I woke up in, I said well, gezz that sounds kind of like my story.

Dream 18.) I was back in our office when I got told to leave. I left and was back at what seemed like my old middle school. I walked the halls and looked at a photo and a trophy. I smiled and made my way up the stairs where I met someone. The person asked me if I was done. I replied yes. The person then asked if I was ready to go back. I asked if I had to. I then looked down at my chest and my rank went from PFC to 2LT (commonly known as butter bars in the army). I then was sent back to the my section where the lights where off and everyone in it was sleeping. I looked down at my chest and still had the rank of 2LT. I then tried to hide my rank by covering it up with my PT belt and the strap of my weapon. I began to sneak past everyone to try not to wake them up and made my way to the back room. Then someone said hey BDOC you are back. I told them to be quiet and not to wake anyone. I then looked out in the front room. My bosses started to wake up and the lights come on. I then looked back down at my rank to make sure it was covered up.

Dream 19.) I was sitting in this waiting area along with some other people. It was an open bay type building. We could see outside. It was like a tropical rain forest type place outside. Some people were NCO’s and others where junior enlisted soldiers. I know I was the most senior in experience in the room. A guy walked in and asked if this was everyone’s first deployment. I said no. This is my second. I was then accused by these two females of only doing this deployment for the combat patch. I then told them I was not, but in my heart I knew I was. The guy then calmed us down to told us to follow him. He led us to an area and told us we had 30 seconds to find something of sentimental value in the rainforest. The first two people went and brought back something small. One of the guys said that something that looked like an arrow head reminded him of his wife. It was then my turn and someone else’s. We were told to go. At first I started to sprint, but then I slowed down, trying to look for something. I could not find anything. I picked up a stone in a puddle of water and said; “this will have to do, but what will I come up with?” I could not think of anything. I then noticed I was standing in a puddle with a snake. I then screeched and jumped out the puddle trying not to disturb the snake. I then tripped over something. It was a giraffe. I then looked and said, “Ah this is my thing of sentimental value.” I then rushed back to the beginning. The other person started with spoke on their item of sentimental value. It was my turn. The guy then asked me. “What is your item of sentimental value?” I then pointed at the giraffe and told him that the giraffe was my item of sentimental value because they have been around for thousands of years and they know how to survive. I said some other things, but I cannot remember. The guy then said that was deep. He called in two helicopters. We loaded up on them then we left somewhere.

Dream 20.) I was in the basement of a place that looked like my old middle school. Somehow I got some explosives and rigged them to my sections computers. Everyone was outside barbecuing and having a good time. I think I got the explosives from my father. I then set a timer to the explosives and left. I then was crossing a bridge. I then saw on another bridge to my left some of my battle buddies moving. I said, “They must me looking for me, let me go back.” I then went back and saw smoke rising from the building. I then said, “Oh no what happened. Is there a fire?” As soon as I walked up, I noticed that it was just smoke from the grill. I was then scarred. I went down stairs and was met someone. I was being accused by CW3 Tim of trying to destroy property. I denied the charge. The guy then asked if he saw me do it. CW3 Tim said no, but he knew I did it. I then kept denying that I did. The guy let me go but CW3 Tim was angry. I then looked over and saw one of the computers had been destroyed.

Dream 21.) I was working on something. I then saw myself produce a report for my bosses. They then took the report and handed it off to the General. I then thto ought to myself, "That’s not at all what I was saying, and that it's defiantly not what the report is saying." I was standing on what seemed like a grid. I began to put more pressure on my bosses. Who then started to become confused (They were in the middle of the grid). Then the General was at the top of the grid looking down at them, putting pressure on them as well. The pressure I was exerting on them was so great, that it wound up short circuiting the grid. Then it was just me by myself standing alone in the dark.

Dream 22.) I was running in a race. I was running what looked like a long race too. I was passing many people up. I was near the front of the race. I then made it to the turnaround point and noticed that someone had turned around early. They were cheating. I then caught up to SGT D. This person was an avid runner. I asked her why she wasn’t beating every in the race. She told me she was taking it easy on the run today. I said ok and left her. She waved good bye at me as I surpassed her. I then made it to the finish line. I saw the person who cheated. When I crossed the finish line, everyone congratulated me. I tried to tell them the other person cheated, but they didn’t listen. They just congratulated me gave me a medal, a hug, and celebrated my achievement.

Dream 23.) I was being celebrated for something I did. A guy took me out before everyone and gave me a medal. It was an award I have never heard of before. If I had to put a medal to it, it would be close to valor but higher. I was standing on the top of a hill or mountain I was so embarrassed. I then gave a speech thanking The Lord Jesus and my family. They then took me on a parade route in front of everyone. I was not the only one who was on this parade route or got medal. Other people did as well. Some where members of my family and others weren’t. We all were descending down the mountain on the parade route.

Dream 24.) I was back in front of my old house. I had a bike with a busted tire. I was trying to go somewhere. Three school bus passed me by. The did not even stop for me. The second one asked me if I needed help, but failed to help me. The third bus drove up our sidewalk and straight to our door. I then went on our poarch and recieved a package from the driver. It was wraped in a bow. When I opened it, it was from DoD. It had something they wanted me to do.

Dream 25.) I was in the middle of training. I was fighting some guy in hand to hand combat. My skills were advanced, but they guy I was fighting was just way better than me. I was getting it handed to me. Then some screamed stop. Everyone stopped and then left to go study. I peered over the shoulder of the guy I was fighting. He was reading four different languages. I asked if he know all those languages, which were Sanskrit, Mandarin, English and Lebanese (Why I said Lebanese I don’t know. I know that Lebanese are a people group in Lebanon who speak Arabic. I don't know why I said this in my dream). He then said yeah. I then thought, maybe I should reenlist for a language. I then left the area. I was sneaking around. I saw a flying police car. I managed to avoid it. Then I saw a group of cops come. I then thought my cover was blown and they were surely coming for me. They weren’t. They kept going. The cops approached this building that some guy was holding up. For whatever reason we could see on the inside of the building. We saw a guy use some type of electrical powers to kill one of the guards. I then ran inside the building to stop the guy. The guy looked at me and tried to do the same thing to me. It did not work. When he noticed the guy said, “Oh no that didn’t work. Let’ try this…I didn’t kill this guy, he did it!” He pointed at me and blamed me for killing the guy. All of the cops and everyone that was held up inside began to laughed at the guy.

Dream 26.) The first one is simple, it was me standing in a mirror brushing my hair wishing I had a head dress on.

Dream 27.) The second; I was back at our old house. It was a beautiful sunny day out side. I went into the kitchen and my older brother was preparing to grill. I then went out back where everything was set up. My older brother then started the grill, brought a tray of meat and placed it in the grill. On the grill was full of different kinds of meat. Turkey, ham, chicken, ribs, ect. I then looked over and my older brother had another tray outside. On it was more meat. On this tray was the strongest looking, cooked turkey I have ever seen. The turkey was ripped with muscle's. Its muscles had been bulging. It literally looked like this turkey had been working out before it had been put to the block. My older brother and I then started to talk. He asked me how was Iraq and why I lost so much weight in Iraq? I then started to tell him that I was starting to gain some weight back again, but the reason I lost so much weight was....then he stopped me. He told me that their were other ears that were listening. I then looked out the gate and saw dad standing out there. My older brother then said that we will talk about this later. I went back through the house and to the front yard. I saw my younger brother and three other people. At first glance, I thought they were three Hispanic men from the neighborhood. When I looked closely, they were Iraqi men. As we always do, we were playing football. The guy I was teaching kicked the football like it was a football (soccer ball). I then laughed at him and threw it to him. He looked at me and threw it back at me. He saw me catch it one handed. I then ran to Ms. Ruth's yard and threw the ball to him. He then caught it one handed. He then threw a spiral to me. I caught it. So one else threw a ball that I missed. I went to go and get it and my younger brother almost hit me. He said, "Oops, my fault" But then he said, "Oh look, Jon and Ant have arrived." I looked up but didn't see them.

Ok this one is crazy. There is one part of this dream that I don't know where it goes. Logically, I believe it goes at the beginning. The other two parts flow together. So I believe this is the first of three parts.

Dream 28.) I was back in the office with my co-workers. I then saw CW3 Tim walk in. My heart sank. I said, "Oh Lord, he will come after me because he thinks that I did it!" CW3 Tim then came in and said hello to everyone, except me. He didn't look at me, acknowledge me or anything. He just kept moving on. Lidia, one of the civilians that work with us then came up to me and said, "CW3 Tim is back." I told them I noticed. She then said, "I thought that you told them about CW3 Tim." I denied this accusation. Brimmin (another person I work with) also said the same thing. I told him I didn't say anything about CW3 Tim. I told them that he might hate me based on what I put in my 2823 (sworn statement). Lidia then went to the dry erase board to try to figure out who might have told about what happened at on the exercise. She was writing everyone's name and doing something else. I then heard from someone, "Well he's only hear temporarily anyway. They let him back in to get something." The dream shifted and my co-workers and I were on a boat. We were taking a tour of someplace. The guide then said for us to try to hang on because some of us might fall off. As soon as he said that, the boat started to go. I fell off. I was hanging on to the back of the boat. The water was filthy, nasty, dirty, disgusting! I then told the boat driver to stop. I yelled stop again. But he kept going. I then yelled stop loud. We were near a dock by that time. The my co-workers didn't even notice I had fallen over. I then got back in the boat. I told them I was going to go swimming in the lake near my house (referring to Mastodon lake). I told them it was cleaner than this water. They dropped me off at the dock and left. The dream shifted again and I was swimming in a lake. I then notice that the water was much cleaner. In front of me was a beautiful solid brick house with a brick structure for the trash and recycling bins. As I got closer to the house I saw that CW3 Tim was standing there. My heart sank. When I got out the water, he approached me and told me I had ruined his life. I noticed that he had been demoted from CW3 to CW2. He told me how that all we wanted to do was to just be with his section. He said some other things but I couldn't remember. I noticed the house behind us had a cross combination lock on it. I think he was trying to get inside of it. He then looked at me. I could tell he was going to try to do something. He then took his rifle and began to load it with ammo. There was a garage that was to the back of me. I started to run and cry for help. When I ran past the garage, I noticed there was a whole Battalion of what looked like National Guards who were drilling. I then ran through their formation crying for help. One of them asked me what was going on. I told them that a Warrant Officer is out to get me. I then turned around and pointed. I then heard a loud bang then saw fire. My heart sank. I thought CW3 Tim had committed suicide. I said,"Oh no Lord." When I stepped over to the Left a little to see what was going on. I saw that he was still alive and his weapon was shot gunned (his weapon was open) over his shoulder. I was glad he was alive. I said, "Oh his weapon back fired!" I then noticed two people probable National Guardsman standing behind him. Two more came up to him. They kicked him over. He went face down into the ground. They put him in handcuffs and took him off. I then the rest of my co-workers show up in there boat. The dream shifted again, but this time instead of being back at our old office building, we were in our new office building (the one we currently occupy). They then asked me what happened. I told them. Brimmin again asked me if I told about CW3 Tim. I told him that I didn't. Then SGT K asked me if she thought what happened was the enemy. D (one of the newest members of our team) said yeah. I sat there, thought, and said, I don't know.


Right now I am in a middle of a decision. Do I stay in the Army or do I get out. Right now I am heading out the door. I know that where ever I go I will be successful and The Lord will be with me. The issue lies here; I received a word that if I follow God and follow his direction that he would take me high, even as high as a General. Wait a General? The army was only a temporary place for me, never to become permanent. There are also some very big issues I am having with the way the army conducts itself. We have a saying in the army, “If you lose interest and heart that is when you no longer need to be in the Army. I no longer believe in the cause in which I am fighting for.” I have lost interest in what I am doing. I love my country and I am always willing to depend it, however, I think it’s time for me to move on. I know that whatever I do, The Lord will be with me. My problem is my mom seems to think that it is The Lords will for me to stay in. However, I’m not sure. We are at odds. I told my mom it was the same when left my school. I knew I was not returning. She thought I was losing faith. I just knew it was time to move on. She thinks the promotions are a sign for me to stay in the army. I think they are symbolic. I don’t know. I don’t want to let The Lord down with my decision. I am not just planning for the moment, but for the future. I know The Lord has the deed to my life and reserves the rights to adjust me accordingly. I don’t want to disappoint The Lord, but I know it wouldn’t be good for me to stay where I am either. I don’t have a desire or the drive to stay in the army. My mother thinks that it’s due to the fact of the intense warfare I have been through. Not to mention being spiritually and mentally drained. I seek God on this all the time. Asking Him if He wants me to stay in or get out. All I get are dreams about promotion always in uniform and mostly as an officer in my dreams. I need help as you can see. I can see that the dreams have the same three consitant meaning. Promotion, Issues on the Job and Some crazy female. Are these dreams really about me staying in, getting out, or something else? Normally I would not be doing this and would just role with the punches, but this is about destiny. I don’t want to screw it up. Help



PS. If this is too much, then I can further break the dreams down by category

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Re: Turmoil and unanswered questions in Iraq. (Part 3)

Post by daphanie02 on Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:38 am

In Dream 2, it sounds like the Lord came to touch you and repair things in your life and restore them.

Dream 3~ IRL When you came back from R&R, did it feel like no one had got any real work done?

Dream 4~ When you came back from R&R was someone else trying to run things and you didnt feel right about it?

Dream 5~ I have dreams like this alot and they are about my husband and I arguing. Is there a female that you were arguing with around the time of you dream that you feel you were winning at first? Sounds like when the fighting stopped, both of you were still on your guard...

Dream 7~ Something wild happened in your life (or will if this is about a future event) where you felt the need to make peace with the Lord. in the end, you were ok...i think the rest of the dream is about you getting your score (sorry i dont know much about that scoring system)

Dream 8~ Sounds like the way my husband feels when people ask him the same question. (he was an airborn ranger and went to afganistan for a year)

Dream 11~ could have been about a beautiful girl that you felt uncomfortable or self consious around.

Dream 13~ God was helping you out of a difficult situation. you made it safe and sound

Dream 14~ This life is a battle and we must always be on guard. I feel like the Lord was showing you the enemy was attacking and you rebuked it.

Ok i just skimmed to the bottom and read what you wrote.... What i've learned about this gift is to not let your dreams impact your decision Unless God gives you a dream saying "Do this, or Do that" or gives you a warning saying "if you do this then this bad thing will happen". God gave you a gift (dreams) and no matter which way you go, your gift will allow you to see whats ahead of you. So if you decide to stay in the army..you are gonna see what lies ahead for that and that's promotions...if you decide to leave, you will see stuff in that direction. God gave us free will and you have a choice.... the best thing to do is to continue seeking God on His will for you, and know that He will be there to guide you awake, and asleep.

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

God bless!

Laura Boaz (aka Daph)



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