Beginning of Turmoil (Part 2)

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Beginning of Turmoil (Part 2)

Post by BDOC_SPC on Tue Aug 24, 2010 6:39 pm


I was already making plans to go back to school and get my commission as an officer of the US Army. I was making plans to stay in 20 years. I then left AIT and went home for Christmas exodus and went to my first duty station. I was excited. I was ready to embark on my journey. At least thatís what I thought. I was unprepared for the intense spiritual warfare that was to come.

It was a brand new unit and I a brand new PV2. When I walked in the unit, it was dominated by confusion, anger, misery. I immediately felt the weight and the pressure of this place. As I began to talk to people in my unit, I started to see what I wanted to do in the Army. I tried to pursue what I wanted to do, but I was blocked by my Warrant Officer. I will call him CW3 Tim (He also plays a vital role as well). We went on a training exercise for a while. The two drivers and I were the only people who did not drink. CW3 Time brought drinks for everyone else. They were all wasted. To make a long story short, he said some inappropriate things as a leader. It was bad. I was told not to say a thing, and I honored that word, even though I knew it was wrong. This is where the other dreams start to come into play;


Dream 1.) I was up late at night while the rest of my battles were sleeping in a structure. I was outside. I was approached by some guys and asked if I wanted to come with them. I asked who they were, but they told me that I didn't need to know. All I needed to know was that they were offering me a position. If I wanted to I could have it.

Dream 2.) I was in uniform in a building. I had just got there. Someone came and offered me an assignment. The person told me that they understood that I had just arrived to the place, but needed me to go on this assignment. My immediate plan was to say no, but something told me to take it. So I took the assignment.

Dream 3.) I was working one day in our office. Some guy came in and started to randomly calling out people. He just pointed to his finger. "You, you, you, you, and you" He pointed at me and told me to come with him. I then got up and left my work area. As I was walking away, I was thinking to myself, "Someone is not going to like this." I knew I was talking about CW3 Tim. He then asked who knew how to use certain programs. I had some training on them. He put me in charge of the people. As I was working on managing everything and getting me squared away. The guy then called someone and asked if the buildings were ready. Someone pulled the buildings up on a computer screen. The buildings looked like they were abandoned, but on the inside of it was a whole operation center. He said they were perfect.

Dream 4.) I was approached by a guy. He told who he was and who he worked for. He told me that they have seen my work and wanted me to join them. I accepted his offer. He told me that I could not tell anyone and if I did, he would have to break contact with me. I then started to walk and I saw my brother. I then started to tell him my encounter in my excitement. I then heard the guys voice clearly in my ear, "If you tell him I will have to break contact." I then looked in my brothers eyes and began to sob. I told him I was sorry and that I couldn't tell him. I then was walking away from my brother. I could see myself getting further and further away from him. I kept looking back at him. I was heartbroken. I then was taken to an area. They were preparing for a mission. They were all the same rank as me (I was a Private First Class ((PFC)) by this time). I then saw a girl I met from Basic Training in this dream. Her name was Macado (she was interesting, but she was a strong woman). She then said hey I didn't know they got you too. They then got together and briefed us on the mission. Someone then asked if they were going to take me. The guy who recruited me said he would. So we all crammed in this car and went to the mission.

Dream 5.) I was going to get onto a plane to go a place where I wanted to go. When I went to go and check in. When I told the clerk my name, she told me I was not scheduled to fly. She then asked me for my Military ID card. I gave it to here. She told me that I was not in the system and I was unable to fly. The officer I was with told that there was nothing he could do and he proceeded to get on the plane. I then took my pen, threw it at the wall swore and sat on the floor. I was down...and I felt miserable. I then got up and told myself I could not stay here. My Section Non Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) was sitting there. I asked him what I could do. He told me that there were two flights taking off. He told me a plane was taking off at 0930 I think he said and another one at 1100 or 1145. I looked at my watch. It was 0900. I was rushing. I grabbed my bagged and ran as fast as I could to catch the plane. As I was running I was dodging people. However, there was a female who was in my way. I tried to go around her, but she kept getting in the way. So I moved to the other side and continued to run. I was running fast. She kept up. As I neared the end of the terminal the female stopped right in front of me trying to block me from going any further. I then jumped in the air and slammed her to the ground. The guards then came. I thought they were coming for me since I slammed her down. But they didn't. They arrested the person for domestic disturbance. They took her away and apologized to me. I then grabbed my bag and continued on my way.

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