The beginning (part 1)

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The beginning (part 1)

Post by BDOC_SPC on Tue Aug 24, 2010 6:34 pm

Didn't realize that this would overwhealm, so I am breaking up the events based on timeline. The dreams however are not in sequencial order.


I have recently joined the Army. I was unable to secure a loan to go back school, Liberty University in my sophomore year of school (the name will come into play later). Before I went off to school for my freshman year, I always stated if I were not able to do anything, I would join the Army to serve my country. Things went incredibly south my sophomore year as well. I almost got kicked off the ministry team for watching a rated R movie. I was incredibly frustrated with my leadership and my peers for not providing the spiritual leadership the students needed. I was extremely unhappy with the spiritual condition of the university. I was fighting with sallie mae and private banks to try to cover the debt I owed the school. I was working at the time as well and lost my job. The same day I lost my job, my mother and my sister were at the school. My mother and I talked about the situation. I asked her about joining the military. She told me that I was not to lose faith and that God would provide. I told her that I was not losing faith, but just in case I do not go back to school, I should be making plans just in case I could not secure a loan to go back. While I was on Christmas exodus, I was trying to secure a loan to go back, but to no avail. My father wanted to secure a loan for me to go to school. He asked me to stay in school if he could get one. I told him I wanted to do something different, adventurous. When that was said, my mother knew it wasn't for me to go back to school at that point. The next day she checked to see if she got a loan for me and it fell through. I knew then that it was time to go and visit the recruiter. Me joining the Army was only temporary for me. I got my GI bill and a bonus big enough to cover the debt for my school. After Basic Training, I went to Advanced Individual Training (AIT). I was dealing with my school during this phase. My school was trying to take two-thirds of my pay at the time. I was only a Private Second Class (PV2) during this time and didn't make much money. The only way I could fend them off was to sign an agreement which stated, I would pay LU a certain amount of money. Here is where the dreams started to take place;


Dream 1.) I was getting ready for a room inspection. Everything in my room was clean and in order. I was obsessing over a small red spot that was on the wall underneath the mirror. I was scrubbing away at it furiously. As I was scrubbing I was filing the wall down. The red spot was deep inside the wall. Then one of the guys (Waldrop was his name. I really did not like this guy) came in my room and told me that I had a spot on the wall pointing to the same spot that I was scrubbing. I got angry and slammed his face into the mirror. One of the other guys Pinard (Didn't really like this guy either) said he was going to tell Sergeant Major (CSM) what I did. My battle buddy (Williams) told me he had my back and that he would stick up for me. The CSM then came into my room and asked me if I had slammed Waldrops face in the mirror. I looked at my battle, then the CSM and told him I did. He laughed and told me that I shouldn't have done that and I shouldn't worry about him. He (the CSM) told me that the best days of my life are ahead of me. He then sang a song...I can't remember everything he said. But it was something to the effect of, "Don't shy away don't back away, just know that I'm with you and prepare for the best time of your life." The CSM then took me outside of my room where all of my battle where. They were all clapping and cheering. I was really embarrassed. I ran downstairs and people were clapping. I am not sure if they clapping for me or for the song. But I then called my mom and asked if she had heard what had just happened. She told me she did...funny thing was in real life...she had already heard from The Lord

Dream 2.) I had just graduated school and gotten the rank of first Lieutenant ahead of the rest of my peers. I was given a hand shake. But then someone came and demoted me back down to a PV2 because Liberty (my old university) forgot to do something. I then said well I guess I have to figure out what the university did not do.

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