a segmented dream.....need some help

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a segmented dream.....need some help

Post by musicalstars2001 on Tue Aug 24, 2010 5:55 pm

Segment 1: This one is in vivid colors. I'm watching on the outside. I see myself in an army uniform with a backpack. I'm coming into some building from the outside (a short walk), and I bump into a dark figure. I on the outside slay it. After that an SUV type vehicle appears behind me. I don't take any chances and I cut it into pieces, thinking that it was connected to the figure.

Segment 2: I'm outside a building and I have stuff with me. (I can't see what it is and in the back of my mind I'm focused on where my car is, cause I know I parked it somewhere.) I cover myself with a towel because I'm in a bikini. I do sense I'm a little scared about staying outside, so I go inside the building, which is a restaurant. As soon as I get in, I directly go to the right side and am placed at a table with people I don't know. There is a young boy, and 2 older people. (I can't see any of their faces.) I sit on the side where the young boy is, since there is already a free seat. I also remember, one of the adults didn't like me. I look around the restaurant, and it's a 2 story one. I see a guy leaning over the railing, inside the restaurant, as if he's looking for someone. I notice his eyes change from normal to evil red, (it goes back and forth). I tell the people at the table with me, but as they turn to look, I start to freak out a little because I think that the guy is going to notice. In the dream, I have a feeling that he was looking for me. Also, none of us are eating at this restaurant, and it is a fully packed restaurant.

Segment 3: I'm in a room with a couple other people and I remember feeling a little scared because there was a person or 2 that told us to stay in the room and that we couldn't leave. As I'm walking around, the door opens and a bunch of people walk in. I notice a friend, (I just met him 2 months ago. His name is Justin.) in the crowd right away. The only other person I can partly see is a girl that he's talking to, as he's walking in. But, I don't know what the relationship there is. I try to hide from him and I get a little nervous and I'm hoping that he doesn't see me. I can't see who anyone else is. Then everyone is standing, and starts to stretch their right arm out, back and forth, some slow and some fast. I asked someone why they were doing that, and one said, for stretching. So I join, still not really understanding. As I do, there is someone behind me, who I can't see the face, and his left arm is around my waist. I do notice that a couple rows behind me is Justin.

In between the segments: Somewhere in between I remember looking for my car and not finding it. Someone took me to my house, but I still didn't have my car.

I have some ideas already, but still need lots of clarity. Any ideas, interpretations, are greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time for reading this.


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