Tornado's ahead

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Tornado's ahead

Post by namon on Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:20 pm

My friend Linda "co-worker" and I where in an upstairs room of a house with other people. While they all where conversing, I was looking out the window and could see a tornado out in the far distance. Now at that moment I didnt feel threatened, so I turned away from the window to tell my freinds about what I saw. When I turned to look out window again I saw 2 tornado's in the far distance but again never felt threatened. Now, once again I turned away from the window only to look back out for a 3rd time, This time the tornado was right up on us so I grabbed Linda "co-worker" and everyone ran down stairs to basement. I could actually see us all clinging to each other "hand to hand" as the tornado literally ripped off the house roof but everyone ended up safe. then I looked and saw a even bigger tornado but it was also in the far distance. When I woke i still felt this dream.

what could it mean

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