mowing windows

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mowing windows

Post by namon on Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:39 pm

I “Namon” was on a plane headed to South Africa with two friends of mine “Michelle and Rosetta”. While on the plane I was hoping we all could sit together but every time we would settle on a particular area Michelle would move. I “Namon” got the impression that she didn’t want to sit next to me but I was determined. As I attempted again to sit next to her, she said she was going over to sit in the children section of plane. Now, as I was headed to the children section to sit next to her, Michelle grabbed my arm and said “where about to pray for you”. Then in my dream, Michele along with her friends from church and me where all lounging on plane, having a conversation. Now I can’t remember what we where talking about but as Rosetta approached us I said to the group in a boastful but jovial tone “this is my prayer partner here” referring to Rosetta. Then, one of Michelle friends said to me, “during prayer while you "Namon" was standing near the candle she saw “mowing windows”. Now I perceived that she was referring to car windows. So I wonder to myself what this might mean. Then I over heard one of "michelle's freinds" say to Michelle something about spirits being released off him.

any ideas on interpretation?

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