My husbands cousin was pregnant with 5!!

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My husbands cousin was pregnant with 5!!

Post by Zippy81 on Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:58 am

I had this dream over a year go but i cant get it out of my mind. The dream started with my husbands cousin who was a christian & about 20 at the time opening the door to a house she lived in in the dream but dosent in real life. she was heavily preg with 5 babies. The dad wasent there but it wasent the person she was currenly dating. The inside of the house was really cluttered around the sides like books stacked up & boxes and things but there was a big space in the middle where there was a couch where we were sitting talking about babies and things.

It sounds like a simple dream but there is something about it that i can't get out of my head for some reason. Tried to have it interpetd before but never found a christian forum.

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