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Post by Tolos2009 on Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:19 pm

On friday night, i had a dream that my mom (who is alive) and my father (who is dead) were trying to get me to go into a pink room. The room was all pink and it looked almost like a nursery. There was a blanket and other baby items in the room. I was hesitant but i did go in the room. I did not actually see my mom and dad but knew in the dream that it was both of them. Later on in the middle of the night....I had a dream/vision where someone was asking me the question, how is the baby? It was as if I had a baby and people were concerned that something was wrong with it.

So I believe god wants me to add that I had my menustraul on aug 7th and 16 days later I have began bleeding
Again - which is very unusual for me because I never do that.

Any thoughts?

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