driving on concrete blocks

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driving on concrete blocks

Post by jilian on Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:33 pm

i dreamed that i was preparing to take a trip, (for a job i think) and i had my old assistant in my car with me. i believe we were headed towards the airport. while driving with the top down we saw a gay man walking (she may have known him) and she offered him a ride. i was upset that she offered the ride because i didnt have a good feeling about him, but let him in the car anyway. while driving i noticed that the ground was seperating and there was water all around, so i had to carefully drive on these concrete blocks. however, the blocks ran out and there was nothing but dirty water ahead of us. i immediately turned to my right and landed on a small patch of grass. at this time the police came over and the female officer explained that there had been unexpected flooding but they would guide my car through the water onto a safe area if i could first prove to them that the car i was in belonged to me. i pulled out my registration but couldnt find my license. it was frustrating because i knew before i left that i had all of these things. after this the gay person became irrate with me and we had words. i put him out of my car and the police officer asked where i was going. this is when i awoke

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