unprepared for a wedding

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unprepared for a wedding

Post by jilian on Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:20 pm

i dreamed that i was asked by someone to be in their wedding, but not necessarily as a part of the wedding party. i walked in with my dress in a garment bag. i looked in the mirror and saw that i had on a hat. when i removed the hat my hair was a mess and when i looked at the dress it wasnt the right dress and i couldnt find it. i left for a while and remembered trying to hurry to get back to the wedding ontime. i remember being more upset that i had prepared correctly for the wedding but when i got there nothing was right. not even my toes were done anymore. i looked down at my feet and noticed that the polish was chipped and my feet looked terrible, but prior to getting there none of these things looked this way. help!

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