Dreams need help!!!

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Dreams need help!!!

Post by TrueTriumphant on Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:06 am

Dream #1
I remember seeing a lot of kids (faces were familiar from this program I worked for). I remember a prophetic word going out to the parent of 2 of the kids that 12 kids would see their demise and his 2 kids would not. Two classrooms away I saw the kids (18-20) gathered together. There were about 12 K-1st and 6-8 2nd. The kids had to answer this question that was simple but maybe a little challenging for the K-1st. 12 kids answered incorrectly and were taken to the room two doors away. The kids were shot to death. As I was going to the room through the enjoining doors I saw this apostle from this church with the gun. I think He saw me but he seemed to be only focused on the kids. I saw him in the room saying that he was correct in the prophetic word 12 children would die. (I thought the kids of man that received the prophetic word was among the 12 though)

NOTE: I felt like something was wrong and was praying in the spirit constantly from the beginning of the dream.
NOTE: It felt like I was in the rooms but no one noticed me. IDK was I in the dream for real for real.

Dream #2
It was night time at this big place. I remember seeing flags and these two people at this high pinnacle swinging the flags. One of the people had three flags at once (one was a US flag the others were from different nations).The other had one or two flags. I saw this auditorium where there was some band event going on. I saw myself with a flute and didnít know any of the songs. Chase (not his real name) was supposed to be there too but he wasnít. I got off stage and asked someone (I think Chase's brother) where Chase was. Chase's brother as well as many of the band members marked Chase off as dead. I then asked why are you saying that. He told me that Chaseís dad was chasing him on a street (he was very specific but I forgot what was said). I began praying in the spirit and saw Chase pull up in a white mini-van. We ran to find hiding ( I think we were going to hide him in the auditorium).

NOTE: Chase's father is dead; A few months ago I had a dream about Chase's father chasing him. Chase's father caught Chase in hiding and shot 3 people who were with chase including me and seemed to drink our blood that seemed to be in the gun.

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