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Post by brandiniki on Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:08 am

wave Several months ago I dreamed that my husband and I was driving down the road. As we were driving down a big mountian I was looking off to my right at the scenery. I saw in a clearing a Huge Rock with a house built upon it. it was not a special house, just a humble abode, with the peoples stuff sittin around outside. I remember thinkin to myself how beautiful to have built your whole place on a rock surrounded by tall trees. I told my husband to look at it and he said it was pretty but we were gonna go drive across the lake.
We turned down the road leading to the lake and it had been raining a lot so the road that went over the lake was flooded.All the boats that usually floated around the lake was sitting on the bottom upside down. We were driving a small pickup truck, and i wanted him to turn around, and he did but not soon enough. As the water was up there was holes that had been filled with water and as we took the turn we went into the water. I remember it wasnt deep, and I could open the door and get out and walk, but I was soooooo mad the he had ruined my phone. Which now seems crazy. There was people there we didnt know who helped us get out of the water. flower
I have a feeling on this but God has never revealed anymore to me on this.
A Lady Preacher friend of mine gave me her thoughts s well, but this was the last vision/dream until the 2 headed snake dream.
Any insights would be appreciated scratching chin Bless You

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Post by ditte3 on Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:37 pm

Peace be with you
I haven't taken the accuracy test yet.
I think the house built on arock refers to what Jesus said about the wise man building his house on a rock instead of sand.It seems that you realizedithow important it is.

I'm going to pray about your dream. flower
God bless you.

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