dream my wife had

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dream my wife had

Post by eaglewatchman on Sun Aug 22, 2010 3:16 pm

This was a dream my wife had. "My name" in the dream is me, not my wife. Many thanks.

I remember (my name) and I were talking a fair bit - nutting things out. It seemed things were working out between Steve and his parents - his Dad in particular. So we went to Canada - but it was our house. His parents were in the kitchen. So (my name) walked in first - we hung back in the dining room area. As he walked into the kitchen,(my name)'s head was turned 180 degrees, so the back of his head matched the front of his body. The front of his head, his face, matched the back of his body. His face wore that peculiar smile (so he couldn't "face" his parents yet). This happened twice. The 3rd time, as he walked into the kitchen and spun his head around, he was looking at his father, who was standing against that calendar wall (closest to the dining room entrance). (My name) went over to him and attempted to hug him - he had been sprung. His Dad didn't respond in the least - his hands remained limp at his side - there was no reaction at all. It seems his anger, buried deep inside him, is in response to his protectiveness of his wife.

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