lobster dream

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lobster dream

Post by eaglewatchman on Sun Aug 22, 2010 3:12 pm

The dream started in a unit - we were waiting for lunch. I had the sense I needed to get to work - had to be there by 2 pm. I looked in the pot and saw lobsters boiling - coloured off-white. I felt an unease as I didn't know how to eat lobster and also had the feeling I needed to leave to get to work.

I left the unit and went downstairs to the main floor. As I got there, I had the sense that I forgot something and had to return to the unit which was on the 2nd floor.

I first tried the stairs and ended up on a balcony overlooking the surrounds. I returned to the main floor and tried the elevator, some were express, some went floor to floor so I took one to take me to the 2nd floor.

The elevator began to rise, then turned on it's side and began going sideways, then up and then down, returning me to the main floor. It was impossible to return to the 2nd floor.

Dream ended (I never got to work, nor returned to the unit).

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