Chinese baby boy? please interpret!

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Chinese baby boy? please interpret!

Post by dreams3 on Sun Aug 22, 2010 9:52 am


today i dream of holding a chinese baby..i was not the mother..the baby was crying for his mama..and i was looking for her too..then i took her to a pastor(unknown) with somepple with him. Somehow the baby could understand me little with the little time he has spend with me looking for his mother and i told it to cry very well in their front so that they will look for the mother quickly...but i was surprised when the pastor(unknown) replied and say that is your responsiblity..u were giving the baby to take care..becos you complain of not having enough..he said other things i cant remember/or was suppose to kind of be a cover to me``...inshort i dont understand it all..then i saw i was in a church they have 2 was so old and tattered and dusty and i didnot want it then i saw they have another one very new and i wanted this but it will cost 1200dollar but a brother i know gave it to me( i did not have such money but said he will pay and i can pay little by little back to him).

Thanks for your responses!

pls share what God place in your hearts and pray for me too. God bless and thanks.

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