DREAM – Man delivering drugs_Ministry

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DREAM – Man delivering drugs_Ministry

Post by adnaloy on Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:27 am

Setting: At a clinic? And continued on to look like the McNeil Island Correction Center

There was a tall slender guy that I was following down the hallway which were either classrooms or offices (I think the latter). I am not quite sure why I was following him, but I think he had just walked out of a room. He had to be on some type of drugs because he was tweaking. I was going to get his attention but noticed that as he walked by the first office/room, stretched his arm up and placed two small items on the ledge on top of the door frame. I knew it was around 11am and seemed like this was a routine thing for him at the same time.

When I looked up the item almost reminded me of a small timer that has the sand in it. I couldn’t quite see the second item, but knew they were some type of drugs that he was delivering. He wasn’t cognizant of his surroundings and did not know I was following behind him. I wanted to see where he was continuing to go and where he was delivering the drugs to, so I decided not interrupt him. He then did the same thing as he passed another room, took a left and placed another one above the door frame. There were 3 packs, with 2 items each that he delivered. The last one was over a doctor’s office.

I think after the last delivery somehow he saw me and I started running. He followed me up the stairwell and was a little distance behind. When I got to the top of the stairwell I noticed it was locked and went down one below. When I opened the door there were a group of people sitting around watching some type of ministry on the television. The guy preaching had a great gift of deliverance and healing ministry. I noticed this was the very same guy that was chasing me up the stairwell and was on drugs and delivering them. He was getting closer, but somehow I was able to take another route, being sure to avoid him. He had entered that same room where the TV was playing. When I got downstairs I noticed he did not come down for some time. After a while all the people that were in that room had followed him outside. Although he was high on drugs (crack I think) he had was up there laying hands, praying, and ministering to those individual’s. They were following him and were in some type of awe.

I believe I had told the officer that he was delivering drugs and placing them above the door frames. She had asked me if I wanted her to get them down or something like that. I remembered thinking that she wouldn’t be able to reach it because she was way too short.

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