Dream with Joyce Meyers, blessing finances, and a BLACK Spider with Red on it

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Dream with Joyce Meyers, blessing finances, and a BLACK Spider with Red on it

Post by adnaloy on Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:12 am

This is my dream:
I am driving this long distance and I feel like I am going South. The only sign I remember seeing as I am driving is a green interstate sign that said "Olympics" and the exit was veering to the right. I continued going straight. For some reason I was going to see the parents of someone I was close with (who I do not know). I was thinking in my mind as I was driving "maybe I can stay with them instead of getting a hotel."

All of a sudden I am in this parking lot walking and one of the ladies I know from church was appeared somewhat behind me to my left. When I get to the grassy area and the sidewalk I started talking to someone else telling them that my ex-boyfriend called me yesterday.
Then the scene changes and the lady I knew from church was outside of the church with Joyce Meyers (JM). The lady started praying for Joyce Meyers as she laid her right hand on JM's right shoulder then on her left. JM lifted her hands and the lady slapped her palms - the right, then the left. The lady then turned to me and said "and bless her God and bless your finances."

The scene changes again and I am in the small church where JM was going to be speaking. I had just walked in and the person doing the introduction was talking and another lady who I know from another church was sitting up front, turned around, stood up half way as she said out loud something about "if there is anyone else we are still taking up offering." I said to myself "oh I have to get my offering." I looked in my purse and remember seeing I had a $1 bill and 2 $20 bills. I took out one of the $20 bills and said something to myself underneath my breath "God, I really need you to bless me. This is all that I have." I then gave the $20 to one of the individual's to place in the offering plate sitting on the stacked chairs in front of them. Then I felt something on my arm that felt like a piece of hair. When I looked down in the crease of my right arm there was a black spider that had red on the front of it (like eyes). I immediately tried to flick it off but missed, so I did it again and then my dream ended.

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