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North Dakota 3D map Empty North Dakota 3D map

Post by jackieb on Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:40 am

I would appreciate any interpetations you may recieve. I was praying and I saw this picture in my mind's eye. So it is not a dream...but a picture while awake. I was praying for insight...and I was praying about where I should go prayer driving tomorrow when I saw this:

I see a map of North Dakota from the top view but to the South it is high but from the south....a High south side view? I see this flat map turn into a 3d picture of 4 tree shape...mechanical ....evenly space rising out of the map. The base of the trees are exactlly at the center of NOrth Dakota...or the 1/2 way point. The tree tops are rising up out of the west....just a couple inches from the the maps west edge...maybe 50 to 100 mile from MT boarder. The four evenly spaced trees are in the shape of a pine tree...but they are made of metal or steel. They are rising up like you would see a draw bridge being pulled a slow pace. They are raise to a vertical straight up and down. They extend high into the air above the flat map of North dakota.

These four evenly spaced metal trees are standing high in the center of the state. Then I see four gold wedding band rings coming from the east and high as if they are being thrown or tossed to the tops of these metal trees. ONe by one...the first one loops the south tree and spins around the top and rings it...and falls over it..down the tree tops a way and come to a rest. Then the second one comes and does the same for the second tree to the north of the first one. It catches the top and loops it and spins down the top of the tree. Then the third and the fourth did the same. NOw I see these four metal trees with a gold weddling band resting on their tops.

To the south boarder and moving right to the east, 1/3 of the way over from the center point. I see large bow and arrow on a medievel day like catapol??? rising up out of the map...pointing toward the metal trees at an angle to shoot arrows between the second and third tree. It shoots and it goes in between them missing the trees as if they are aiming for something beyond them to the west. It was more like it was a backup help or something??

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