2 Dreams ...

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2 Dreams ...

Post by Lucy Wambogo on Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:33 am

Dear Mia,

I have had so many dreams over the years, however Iam not able to interprete or understand... this 2 are related.

First dream:

I was being chased by a man (in reality the guy died long time ago and was a mad man in my home town, that was many years back), he chased after me for long with an aim of raping me, he almost got hold of my leg but i was running at a high speed and managed to move on. I crossed a very busy highway and managed to get into a landrover that was parked near the road, with 2 men in it, one on the driver's seat looked like my former pastor and another on passenger. I got right in between them, i dont know how. This man was still chasing, and when he tried to open the door, he was threatened by the one seated on the driver's seat. He gave up and ran back, however when he was crossing the highway, a high speeding vehicle hit him and he died. I was so scared ....

Second dream:

I was in a confined room, looked like a basement with my 2 sons, and all of a sudden this same man appeared at the door, was trying to run in and I shouted so loud, " Oh Lord" and he disappered, later on I was out there and I could see quite a no. of pple, but noticed one lady i work with. I was sharing what had just happened. Then later I met with this same man, wearing a clean t-shirt and was smoking, he was acting friendly and I smiled back. He headed to a shop to buy something ..... and that was the end.

Pls help with translation, I will share more as i gain understading

God bless you.


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