Bellamy Hotel??????

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Bellamy Hotel??????

Post by SCGirlyGrl on Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:44 pm

Hey Ya'll!

I dreamed that I was getting married. I was in casual clothes on my wedding day bc it wasn't time for me to get dressed yet. I remember being in this grand hotel. The name was weird, it was Bellamy Hotel. Never even heard of it. I remember meeting my husband's mother for the first time. I also remember it was out of town and close to his hometown bc he had a ton of family and friends there, and I had some family and friends, but we kept it to a minimum due to travel reasons. Here's the shocker. I remember seeing my husband and it was someone that is friends on my FB page with me, and I know of him somewhat, but I don't really know him, it's more of a mutual friend thing. I was kinda shocked. I'm was like wow! I'm marrying (Insert guy's name here). I was pleased but surprised. I remember getting dressed and being careful not to see him before the ceremony, getting married and leaving to go on the honey moon.

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