PuZZleD in THe LoNe StAR sTATe

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PuZZleD in THe LoNe StAR sTATe

Post by ELEGANT ANGEL on Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:58 pm


In the dream, we are in what looks like a convenient store. Its my sister and myself on one end of an isle and then not to far from us is a group of ladies talking. My sister said the ladies looked over at me as if they were disturbed about me being there. Then they began to talk among themselves saying, who is she,
and why is she here? My sister then saw a guy friend of mine walk around the corner from
another isle. He apparently knows them, but walks pass the ladies, speak to them and then he walks directly up to me. He then grabs my hand and walks me out of this store. In the dream, my sister said that she got the feeling that he pulled me by the hand and out the door because he overheard their conversation and like he purposely grabbed my hand and took me out the store so the ladies could see.

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