HELP! Saying goodbye to boyfriend dream

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HELP! Saying goodbye to boyfriend dream

Post by Butterfly88 on Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:28 am

He's actually my ex boyfriend. I just needed to get your attention :-)

My ex boyfriend broke up (of 2 1/2 years) with me last year and I felt betrayed, hurt and bitter.
To cut a long story short he started dating my friend a few days after. A few months later they were engaged.
Anyway a few weeks back I saw my ex bf for the first time and I felt nothing. I didn't see him with "lovey dovey" eyes anymore because God used time to heal.
God pressed it on my heart though to write both him and his fiancee a letter of apology regarding the way I had bitterness against them. God told me to plainly ask for their forgiveness if I wanted to be made whole.

Anyway last night I had a dream:

I dream that I went to the wedding- I wasn't too impressed with the wedding (but c'mon consider the circumstances). But my heart began racing as soon as it came to the "I DOs". Then the priest announced them husband and wife, I got up and left. I heard my ex bfs mom talking and I should have gone and said "hi" to her. But I walked right out the sanctuary.
I walked out and I saw my ex bf. He shook my hand and I said "Congratulations". I walked away not stopping to say hi to anyone. I just kept on walking away,not looking back.
I was walking to catch a bus and I guess go "home".

In reality am I supposed to walk away from them all. I was very close to the guy's family prior to our relationship but part of me wants to walk away. Just let them embrace the new marriage . the family stll want me around but I don't know if I can

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